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Deck Name:Land Destruction
My Name:Gareth Brown (Hi every1 !)
City/State of the tournament:Wiltshire Trowbridge UK
Date of Tourney:1/3/01
No of people:#35
My Deck
4 Flaling soldier
4 Sciesmic mage
4 Nakaya shade
4 Stone rain
4 Rain of Tears
4 Devestate
4 Implode
4 Rystic Shyphon
4 Despoil
4 Dingus egg
10 Swamp
10 Mountain
Both me and my brother arrived at this tourney eager to play.We did some trading and I finally got my last dingus egg.(Yes !).After we wrote out deck lists and handed them into the Judge.Soon after the computer printed off my first opponent in this topsy turvy day.
Game 1 Gareth Vs Iain
Well,this was what a month of intensive playing was about.Iain was a good player with a Zombie deck.I won the flip and decided to drop.A few turns later I was comfortable with Iain using Deadpult to get rid of his Zombies.I started to focus more on attacking then Land destruction and somehow he got enough land out to play Twilights call.(If anyone doesn't know each player returns all creatures from his/her graveyard to play).After he just used Deadapult to beat me a few turns later.
Game 2 Gareth Vs Iain
 This time I was determined not to make the same mistake.I continously destroyed land after land whilst using the syphons when able and eventually a 10/10 Flailing soldier was just too much for even Lord of the Undead to handle.One all
Game 3 Gareth Vs Iain
Sometimes no matter how hard you try Lady Luck just aint on your side.It shuffled my deck throughly and yet I drew all land.Well I kept but there was no Land destruction till my 6th turn and if anyone has played land destruction they'll know that it is just too late by then.Iain had a Lava Zombie and Lord of the Undead and despite Nakaya Shade killing a Scuta he still won easily.Oh well.
 Game 1 Gareth Vs Shaun
Shaun was using a Rith deck and I knew almost straight away I didn't have a hope because
A)Stupidly I had forgot creature distruction
B)I can't deal with flying
To make matters worse by using his Familiars he brought him out even faster then expected.(Aggggggggh !!! ).Then just when you thought it couldn't get any worse he used an Armidillo cloak and put it on Rith.Soon after I was just completly overwelmed with green saprolings and despite Rhystic syphon helping I was left wishing I had a nice terminate in my hand.
Game 2 Gareth Vs Shaun
I started fast and furious by destroying land as quickly as I could.Finnaly I got out a dingus egg,then another,then another and there was no Cloak or Rith.I used Implode when on two life and drew and...Despoil.I despoiled him for 8 damage which was more then enough for a suprise victory.
Game 3 Gareth Vs Shaun
The victory dance didn't last long as I muliganed twice,each time drawing a worse hand whilst all the time my opponent was grining smugly.I pannicked .What if he had Rith.Or a cloak.Or both! (Aggggghhh)But in the end it was just 4 birds of Paradise which when all four were out I had the imense pleasure of playing a devestate (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)Oh joy.The celabration was short lived when in the midgame Rith came out but I didn't care really.I shook hands and grabbed some lunch.
Game 1 Gareth Vs Matthew
Well at least I was playing someone who hadn't won too.It was his first tourney and like me had decided not too use something boring(ie Blastogeddon and rebels)He had opted for a spectrum deck.Fair enough.I wasn't complaning as I had a wide choice of lands to destroy.Oh and I did.Rain of Tears followed Implode followed by four straight Syphons ensured a 40-0 victory for me.
Game 2 Gareth Vs Matthew
I decided to save my land destruction this time and I was glad I did.An early flailing soldier dealt serious damage and Nakaya Shade came in for backup.I decided not too destroy his lands as there was little point.BIG MISTAKE.After 4 wandering streams,Draco arrived.(HELP)I destroyed lands like mad in my turn only for my opponent to forget to pay his 4.Syphons helped again and Sciesmic mage with Dingus egg wrapped it upin the late game.I wished my opponent luck,shook hands(Boy did he have a firm grip)and moved to the next table
Match 1 Gareth Vs Nigel
Nigel was using a blue and white control with meddling mage in.After a mulligan I had a fairly good hand.My sciesmic mage came out early and started to work its magic.On his turn six he had no land.Then I simply played a Flaling Soldier
and pumped it up whilst laying a few Dingus Eggs(Ha Ha Ha).A few turns later it was all over.
Match 2 Gareth Vs Nigel
This time I hadn't shuffled my deck and I payed the price.A rootwater thief bled my deck dry and when 3 millstones were out and a Telferie's moat and I can't play Syphon,Rain of Tears or Dingus egg I figured I just might have lost.When Blinding Angel appered.I knew I had lost.
Match 3 Gareth Vs Nigel
I had learnt my lesson and shuffled this time.But still a pantz hand.I just played it and hoped for the best.But despite all my best land destruction attempts,the mages still meddled and the angels still blinded.I however had a plan.He had only named  Stone Rain and Rain of Tears couldn't be played.I still had Dingus eggs and with Despoil they could be nasty.I saved my despoil's and got out 3 eggs.I used Despoil.8 Damage.And again.8 Damage.Yes I had done it.Another win and I was moving up the ladder. 
Game 1 Gareth Vs Nat
If I won this one then I could grab a top 8 placing.Nat was using Blue/black control deck with Warped devotion.I decided that Both my creatures and the egg needed to arrive fast and they would be the main priority.I drew.2 Mountains,a Dingus Egg,1 Swamp,and 3 Flaling soldiers.Ok here it goes.I played a soldier.And another.And another.By this time some land destruction cards had arrived and after laying an egg(Ha Ha Ha)I started to do what this deck was meant to and destroy some land.A few turns later my opponent was on 4 and a Rhystic Syphon made me one step closer to a final 8 placing.
Game 2 Gareth Vs Nat
This game was really odd.I guess Nat had had my earlier problem of not shuffling and after mulliganing 5 times he quit saying that there was no point in playing on.So that was it.I was eighth or was I.The computer printed off the finalresult table and I was (Drumroll please)
I had lost one game too many.If only I hadn't been so sure of myself.If only I had shuffled better.Oh well.All those things are part of the learning process in Magic and one day I will win.I did get a booster though.I choose Invasion and got a...Phrexian Delver.(Duh)Even when I win I end up losing .Oh well.
I had a great day out despite not doing too great.
Time for Props and Slops
  • Everyone who turned up @ the tourney.Thanks you lot for making it so fun
  • My deck for gaining me a booster despite not gaining me a top 8 place.
  • People who didn't play with a typical deck eg Matthew with his spectrum.
  • Pojo for printing this article or at least reading it
  • Me for being cocky
  • Me for not shuffling well enough
  • Me for not putting creature destruction in
  • Everyone out there who doesn't experiment and always uses Blasto-Geddon,Rebels and Beatdown.Those of you who get a Phrexian Delver in a Goblin Game in a pack and just toss it with the other 8 you have instead of sitting down and thinking up a deck.I know who u are and where you live and tonight I'm gonna burn those decks (Ha Ha Ha)
Well thanks for reading and if you have any response to this article then please feel free to mail me @
Thank You for reading

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