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Little Zone
by Johnny T.

Do you like to play in free tournaments?  I do too.  It's Friday night and
I'm playing a rogue deck that most people wouldn't think of playing.  My
friend and I went to Collectors Cashe in Kansas.  Most people are playing
G/R/W tonight (like me).  Here's the deck.

Little Zone

3 Thornscape Battlemage
3 After Life (Big tech)
2 Charging Troll
3 Ancient Hydra
1 Ghitu Fire
3 Wax/Wane
3 Gerrad's Command
3 Blastoderm
1 Eladammri's Call (Nice card)
4 Armadillo Cloak
3 Quirion Elves
1 Rith, the Awakener
4 Lanowar Elves
4 Thornscape Familiar
1 Birds of Paradise (all i have)

3 Kavu Chameleon
2 Samite Ministrations
2 Simoon
3 Lanowar Knights
3 Spidersilk Armor
2 Tangle

Here's how I did...

Round 1 Bodie B/U/r Discard

Game 1
I get matched up with my friend who I came to the tournament with, great.
We roll the dice, I win.  I play first with a Lanowar Elf.  He plays  
island.  I then cast a thornscape familiar.  He plays a swamp.  I cast a
Troll. He plays an island.  I cast blastoderm.  He dies right about then.
He was holding 3 Harpys with no other creatures.

Game 2
I do the same thing I did last time, Lanowar elf.  Then I cast a Familiar.
I cast a Troll next turn.  I cloak it, attack.  He has only 3 islands and a
mountain.  He never got the swamp to vendetta or terminate.  Cheap way to
win both games.


Round 2  Some nice guy (sorry for forgetting your name) Counter Rebel

Game 1
This is probably my worst match-up.  He helped me along the battle.  I
didn't get the "Cloak the Troll, dominate it!" thing.  This really sucks.
I get a birds out fast.  Then the familiar.  He hasn't really played
anything yet.  I cast a Troll and a cloak.  He absorbs that.  I attack with
Next I cast another cloak and attack.  He dominates the bird.  What???
Next he dominates my troll.  He disenchants the cloak and screws me with it.

Game 2
He sides in 2 COP green and two wraths.  I side in the Kavu Chameleons.  I
get out another great start, again.  I have a Chameleon on turn four.  Then
he wraths.  He gets a huge rebel chain.  I Eladmari's Call for a Rith.  I
get it and play it without him countering.  The chain is too much for me
though and I lose.


The tournament is single-elimination so I'm out.  I'll still have next week

Give me any ideas you have of what i can do to the deck.  I'm adding stafe
next time.  See ya
-Johnny T.

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