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Golden Memories
Jason Imperiale
Magpie Go
25 participants



 I recently participated in another firday night magic
tourny. This week was extended and its usually not my best type. I love
playing control and usually play it in every type except for 1.5 . So heres
the deck i decided to play.

4x theving magpie
2x masticore
2x morphling
3x palinchron

4x counterspell
4x force of will
4x mana leak
3x forbid
4x impulse
4x opt
2x disk
2x treachery

18x island
4x wasteland

4x back to basics
3x propaganda
2x annul
2x bribery
1x disk
3x chill
The reason for running light on land was because I ran 4 impulse and 4 opt.
So it worked pretty well and now I'll get to the report.

Round 1: Lou Davis with lots of elves and urzas rage
Note: I've never seen this deck before and didnt add misdirecion, my mistake.
game 1: This game starts off as he keeps playing elves. I figured it was just
lots of elves with coat of arms. So her has like 6 elves and plays a coat of
arms...I counter. I figure I'll just let the elves resolve and counter
anything gasme breaking.  Well next turn he plays an urzas rage and he just
keeps attacking with elves. Even the all mighty morphling couldn't hold up.
sb: 3x propaganda and 1xdisk took out 2x treachery and 2 x ?
game2: Well his side board cards show up but mine dont. I was actually
pleased he played gaes herald and city of solitude over choke. So i got the
masticore out with a theving magpie and there was nothing much he could do. I
pinged all his elves and pitched counters to the core because of the city of
Game 3: He made some sb corrections but i dont think they showed up. This
game went rather good for me, he mulliganed and didnt draw into a turn one
drop with elves and my hand was pretty good. This game went much like the
last one but he killed my magpie with a rage, but my masticore was still able
to pull through.

Round 2: Frank Lemke with mono blue illusions combo.
He usually runs counter oath but he decided to run this tonight
Game1: This game goes wierd. i fgiure I'll play the usual control on control
strateg and try to accumulate land. So after having lots of land down my hand
is 5 counters a morphling and a palinchron.  Earlier in the  game he had
intuitioned for 3 donates so i know he has one in his hand and at the end of
my turn he intuitioned fore a force. He also has a lot of land because of
thawing glacier. Well he plays the illusions and i let it resolve knwing that
he would try to donate it and with 2 in the grave yard and me countering this
one he would be in trouble. So on his next turn he attemps the donate he
attemps the donate. He also has 5 counters in his hand so he wins the counter
war and is tapped out i draw and lose the game next turn because of his disk.
Sb: in 2 annuls and 1 disk out 2 treachery and 1?
Game2: This goes a bit better i discover the power of theving magpie in the
mirror matchup and the card advantage i gain is crazy. I finally decide to
drop the morphling and start swinging he eventually resolves a disk. I had
the other morphling in my hand though so didnt care. I discovered this game
that I should try and draw out threats and make him counter and hopefully
late game he wont have enough counters to win the counter war.
Game3: All these strategys ive been gathering weren't to effective this game.
He was really light on land and drew 3 wastelands to take out a
quicksand,raths edge and quick sand all he had was 2 island i decided to play
morphling winning a small counter war and won a few turns later.
2-0 4-2

Round 3: Shawn Faber running counter sliver
Game 1: This game goes pretty well. I drop a morphling thats holds off his
whole team. The 3/3 alone was bad for him, not including all the great
abilities. So with his untapping ability I was able to attack every turn and
be able to hold off his 3 sliver army.
sb: 4 back to basics 3 propaganda took out 2 treachery and other stuff.
Game2: I'll tell you my starting hand...1  island 1 opt 2 back to basics 1
force of will and a morphling, and i also got to draw because he of course
chose to play. I decided to keep this hand on the grounds that after drawing
for my turn, next turn and opting would be a total of 4 cards unless i saw
the island on the first card of the opt. I also took into consideration that
if all lands in his deck were non basic and back to basics would tap them all
forever and he need lands to attack with propaganda to win i figures it was a
safe play. Well i drew into no land and opted into no land and my draw was
not land so had ot pass the turn without a second turn drop. It took me 4
turns to draw a land and by this time he had beaten me down so bad I couldnt
Game 3: This hand was a bit more stable with 3 land a back to basics and some
counter. I decided i would wait to play the back to basics until i had
sufficent counter back up. So i played it like I usually did and tried to
counter all the "better" slivers. I played a disk and he went all out to try
to counter it using a consultation. I won the war and blasted away 3 slivers
next turn. After this I knew he couldnt have more then one counter in his
hand unless he was stupidly consulted for one while he already had one in his
hand. The worst case scenario would beif he drew into the counter and had a
disenchant in his hand which again was very unlikely because he would of
disenchanted the disk. So i decided to play the back to basics and it
resolved. He had a couple of really bad draws drawing into those search lands
that never untapped because of back to basics. So after droping the
palinchron i won soon enough.
3-0 6-3

4th round: Team mate glenn katzen who is also 3-0, White weenie
We decided to intentional draw because it would secure us 1st and second seat.
In the meantime I decided to pull out my T2 u/w nether go deck and have a
couple of practice matches again a fires deck someone had. I won after
wrathing away a chameleon and getting out a teferis moat green.

Quater finals:
1st seat: jason Imperiale - magpie go
2nd seat: Glenn Katzen - White weenie
3rd seat: Frank Lemke- mono blue illusions
4th seat: Dan Mcfail -  oath Sneak Attack
5th seat: Dave ? - blue control
6th seat: Frank Pendal- sligh
7th seat: Ricky Meditz-  goblin bombardment,enduring renewal combo
8th seat: Adam Kahn- Green Stompy

Quater Finals: Adam kahn Stopmy
Game 1: He plays some fast mana and plays a deranged hermit. I decide to let
it resolve because I'll play the disk next turn. Next turn he hits me for 9
and On my turn I pop the disk  with counter back up. On his turn He plays a
masticore but i let it resolve because i have the treachery. Onmy turn i
treachery the masticore and ping all his fast mana. I counter his blastoderm
and come in with his core for the kill.
Sb in: 2 bribery and a disk. take out? I decided not to put in the propaganda
because he plays so much fast mana. They would be cool against his hermits
but thats about it.
Game 2: Next game goes almost the same. He gets some fast mana out and plays
a masticore i decide not to counter it and trachery next turn and ping the
fast mana. On my next turn I bribery out a blastoderm and didn't take the
hermit because of echo. I never delt a damage with on of my own creatures the
whole match.

1st seat: Jason Imperiale- magpie go
2nd seat: Glenn Katzen- White weenie
3rd seat: Frank Lemke- mono blue illusions
4th seat: Dan mcfail- oath sneak attack

Semi Finals: Dan McFail Oath and Sneak Attack
Game 1: He starts off quick and gets a second turn monolith and trys to play
a sneak attack on his 3rd turn, I counter. He trsy another next turn and i
counter. He eventually runs out of things to play and with magpie card
advantage I have a sufficent amount of counters and kill him with a
Sb: 2 annuls 2 bribery and a disk take out ?
Game 2: my hand has land and counters but no threats he plays a second turn
monolith and a 3rd turn monolith and can almost cast all his huge creautes
well i counter a thorn elemental and i decide I'll bribery with force of ill
back up. I take a 20/20 serra avartar and after having mox diamond out to
untap a monolith he casts his own 20/20 serra avatar. Well luckily i have a
treachery and on my next turn i have 2 20/20's well i won that pretty quick.

Well I'm in the finals and hopefully glenn will beat frank so we can split.
Well frank beats glenn first game and glenn sides in to scour and orims
chant. On the next 2 games After frank plays and illusions glenn orims chants
in response and disenchanted it after the 20 life went on the stack making
frank lose. So me and my team mate glenn made the finals. I got 10 gift the
foil gian growth and the win and he got 15 gift.
                        I sideboarded treacherys out a lot so that might be
a notable take out card for kegs or capsizes not sure though because it was
great in some matches and back to basics didnt help that much this tourny but
last tourny they were great going in 3/5 of my matches. So i think there
staying and I also might increase the number of annuls.
    Now for props and slops.
Props: To my mom for driving me there.
            To all my opponents
            To me for not losing a match
            To rich for holding the tourny
            To glenn for finally making the finals
No slops it was an all around good tourny

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at

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