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The Fiery Death Deck
Shane "The Kill" Hodgson
March 11th, 2001
Amount of Participators: 32

Cards in Deck:
Lands: 37
22 Swamp
8 Mountain
1 Dwarven Ruins
1 Crosis's Catacombs
1 Ancient Spring
2 Darigaaz's Caldera
2 Rith's Grove
Creatures: 21
1 Chilling Apparition
1 Morgue Toad
1 Phyrexian Bloodstock
1 Ravenous Rats
2 Caldera Kavu
1 Flametongue Kavu
3 Kavu Recluse
1 Mire Kavu
2 Slingshot Goblin
2 Thunderscape Battlermage
2 Thunderscape Familiar
3 Lava Zombie
1 Razing Snidd
Others: 28
1 Bog Down
1 Dark Ritual
2 Death Bomb
1 Diabolic Intent
2 Exotic Disease
1 Haunting Misery
1 Insubordination
1 Necratog
1 Parallax Dementia
1 Sinister Strength
1 Vampiric Embrace
1 Implode
1 Insolence
2 Magma Burst
1 Scorching Lava
4 Singe
2 Strafe
2 Keldon Twilight
2 Terminate
Match 1:
In the 1st match, I faced a forest deck.
By my 4th turn, I got my Lava Zombie out and attacking, but lost 1 life from mana burn. I won that battle with just my Lava Zombie because the opponent couldn't block with anyone or even attack! That's the luckiest I have ever been in a battle!
Results: 1-0
Match 2:
On my 6th turn, I tossed out the Magma Burst and did first 6, then 3,3, and 3 which got the plains deck down to 5 life. From there I sacrificed it and put out the Mire Kavu and on its turn two, I did 3, and then 4 on the next turn.
Record: 2-0
Match 3:
On the 7th turn, i got to finally use my Flametongue Kavu, and knocked out my opponents Razing Snidd. They were playing a swamp/mountain deck like me, but with different cards. I was down to 17 life from mana burn but that didn't stop me from pulverizing the opponent. I did 4 damage every turn I could until they were annihilated.
Record: 3-0
Final Tournament Score: I came in 3rd place, which got 6 free Planeshift booster packs.
1st Place: Michael Florenza
2nd Place: Tony Kavieranal
3rd Place: Me!
Shane Hodgson,

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