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A horned assult
Chris Brown aged 11(Hi every1 !)
Cyberdyne Trowbridge Wiltshire UK
March 7, 2001(My Birthday)
No of people at tourney.#50

My deck
4 Horned Kavu
4 Raging Goblin
4 Shivian Wurm
4 Avatar of Might
4 Avatar of Fury
4 Blastoderm
4 Thunderscape Familiar
4 Thornscape Familiar
4 Furious Assult
4 Giant Growth
4 Tangle
10 Forest
10 Mountain
Total =64 Cards
Ok this was a tourney on my birthday sothe omens had to be good !Both me and my brother arrived at our local store and were shocked by the number of turnouts.This wasn't a DCI tourney but the Prize was a box of Planeshift.We had to play 7 games.Each time we won we got 3 points.A draw was 1 and a loss was obviously 0.The person with the most points at the end won.You played someone who had a similiar amount of points to you.This was my third tourney and I was aiming to get just 9 points for a booster.But thing were gonna get a lot better then that.Onto the tourney!
Match 1 Chris Brown Vs Brandon Powell
I knew Brandon because we play each other every day and I knew he was playing a Blasto-geddon(Oh how original )
Game 1
Cool.A got a good hand which included furious assult,horned kavu raging goblin and sufficent land.All went well till turn 7.I had my blastoderm out and horned kavu but with 7 points of damage left,Brandon geddoned.This was a panick decision as he hadn't got any mana producing creatures or any land.Game 1 to Chris.
Game 2
This was a completly different game.I used three muligans and I knew I would be in trouble.A geddon soon confirmed it and soon I was sweating.Blastoderm was my only chance and next turn he was out.I needed a gating creature .Shaking I drew my final card of the match.Or was it.TANGLE!!!!Oh joy.I used a bluff and groaned.Naturally Brandon attacked with everything.Big mistake.Next turn I got a shivian Wurm which by bouncing goblin back was enough to seel this game and place me third.Onto the next round.
Match 2 Chris Vs Olly
I didn't know Olly but he was good if he was fourth.To my suprise he was playing a goblin deck with Squee ,Raging and GOBLIN GAME.I quickly built up a defense of Horned Kavu and Avatar of Might and Fury before in the mid game he played a game.I was on ten life and he was on 5.I pannicked and grabbed 6 ojects before realising that a bluff was in order.I only used 1 object losing me 5 life.Olly only took 3 but it was enough to give a pumped up Avater of Fury a game win.
Game 2
I hate these types of games when nothing goes right.I had three lands in my hand and then nothing.Olly killed me off with 4 raging goblins. Oh the shame.
Game 3
So this was for all the marbles.I looked at my hand.4 lands and a furious assult.I stuck and soon after a couple of Avatar of Might came out cheap thanks to the low cost of goblins.Horned kavu comboed with the assults I had on the table to win.I played a kavu dealing 3 damage from my three assults and then I returned it using its gating ability.Olly conceded and it was another victory for me.One more for a booster but by now I was hoping for more........
Match 3 Chris Brown Vs Tristain
 I was now second.I would have been first but i lost a game to Olly so now I was playing the third place.He was using a spectrum deck.This would be fun and i suspected my deck would be to fast.
Game 1
My opponent muliganed four times so out of the kindness of my heart I let him go first instead of rolling for it(Ahhhh)
He soon got out all  5 land types but not before Raging goblin kicked some butt dealing 10 points of damage.I then used tangle a few times to stop the beast known as Draco before Raging goblin finished it off with Horned Kavu and Blastoderm dealing 15 points of damage with a few saved up Giant growths
Game 2
Finally I got out enough familiars in the early game,three of each by my 8th turn to get out some cheap spells.Shivian wurm cost just a R and G and he would have won the game fat if it wasn't for Wandering stream.However he was just stalling and soon when all my creatures were out it was just too much for him.I retained my second position.Yes a planeshift booster at last.Now the only way is up.
Game 4
Chris Brown Vs John Seymour.
Ok this guy was good.He usec a traditional Rebel deck and I knew that I was in for my biggest game ever.
Game 1
I had to muligan and soon had a decent hand of 6.I used familiars to get out Blastoderm and Shivian Wurm but the rebels were coming out fast.I used my Giant Growths well and furious assult helped but when I was attacked for 34 I used my trump card,TANGLE to win me the game the turn after.
Game 2
I hadn't seen a Lin Sivy come out yet but when it did on turn 5 I knew I was in trouble.Land,land and more land was all that I was drawing and there is only so much Blastoderm can do.I lost incredibly quickly.Maybe if I hadn't of beeen so cocky I would have kept my hand.Oh well.I still could pull it back.
Game 3
I was determined to go top but it just wasn't gonna happen.My deck worked OK and it wasn't till the late game it started to crack but I should have killed the rebels with furrious Assult instead of John himself.The wonderwoman known as Lin setteled it and when I was attacked for 26 there was no Tangle to save me.
Game 5
Chris Brown Vs Mark Reynolds
I was still third but Mark was the new number two.John played the number 4 so I played Mark.He was using a Blueblack control.My worst fear was Warped devotian.That could spoil my deck completly with it's gating ability.
Game 1
Oh man.Warped devotion in the early game meant I was gonna need to play my creatures fast.Unfortuatly despite decent land and the Familiars,my Avatars were recoiled back and I had no defense from Avatar of Woe,her sidekick Avatar of Will and Doomsday spectre.
Game 2
I couldn't lose this game .I just couldn't.Gritting my teeth I decided that fast assult would be the only way past.I needed some Goblins and I wasn't dessipointed when I drew 3 Goblins and 2 mountains after 2 mulligans.They were lean and mean and without a Warped devotian in sight they killed of Mark thanks too a little help from Giant growth and Tangle plus Shivian Wurm.
Game 3
When a early Doomsday spectre came out I was just about to quit when I renembered what my brother always told me
''Chris,no matter how bad,never ever give up, Ok''
So I just carried on fighting.I played A few Avatars and Tangle helped when he had 4 damage left.He had no defense and I had a Raging goblin.I drew a card knowing only one could help.I needed Tangle fast.I drew....GIANT GROWTH !!!!!It was risky.I attacked for 1.
''OK I'll take it'' he said laughing.He had been mocking me the whole game.''That it''
''No''I said''In response I will giant Growth.Good game''
He was stunned and in a stress he packed up and moved off in a sulk.I laughed too myself.I was back in second.
Game 6
Chris Brown Vs Justin
Another adult player.Oh great.Another Blastogeddon Deck-Oh great.Ok lets get this show on the road.
Game 1
I had a good hand and stuck.I decided to play my familiars fast.However,he had a lot of Llanowar elves and Birds of Paradise.More fool him.I got three Avatars of Might out and when he Geddoned I was more then ready.I had kept land back and A shivan Wurm sealed it up.No matter how he blocked it was just too much trample damage.An easy first win
Game 2
Things were bad for Justin.He had forgotten to shuffle his deck and had to mulligan  down to 2 cards.I played a few Furious assults and when the Blastoderms came out there was only one winner,as I used gating to return them to my hand.It was close but unfortunatly for Justin not good enough.
Brilliant.Mark had beaten John 2-0.This meant that if I won then I won the whole thing.This was a big deal and all my mates watched and supported me.Talk about pressure.Onto the final game
Match 7-Chris Brown Vs John Seymour
Well i knew I was facing a rebel deck and I knew my mistakes.I thought of a two point strategy.
1)At all costs remove Lin
2)Deal damage to rebels when Lin has gone
3)Keep tangles and Giant Growth for emergencys
Game 1
I drew and mulliganed.This wouldn't do.I needed goblins,and Blastoderms and furious assults.My second hand was better with Furious assult and Horned Kavu in.I played a furious assult  and then used my gating trick which had won so many battles.Could I win this one too.I used gating to deal 9 damage then Blastoderm and Avatar of Fury did the rest thanks to some serious pumping up from Giant Growths x3
Game 2
I knew I had lost thanks to poor shuffiling.Lin came out again and I was beaten into the ground.Aggghhhhhhh.8 different rebels including Reville squad and Shield Dancer.Now it was down to the last game.(Dramatic music please)This was gonna be a game I wouldn't forget
Game 3
I started agressively with a raging goblin followed by horned kavu and then blastoderm.The rebels were coming out slow but then Lin arrived when it was doing so well.Then a crazy thought came in my mind.I had a giant growth in my hand and attacked with a raging goblin.He used Lin as a blocker as I hoped and Giant growth saw her off.Now it was time to attack.I pumped up a Avatar of Fury to a 10/6 and with no flying it was goodnight rebels.The game finished with me only on 7 but John was on 0 which was the main thing.We shook hands and I recieved my well earned prize of a box of Planeshift with
Meddling Mage
And shiny,thats right shiny Orims chant and Goblin game
                     WHAT A BIRTHDAY
And finally before you all fall off to sleep
  1. Props
  2. My deck as a whole including Raging goblin,Giant growth and the exceptionale Tangle !!!
    All my opponents for being so cool except Mark
  3. Mark for beating John and giving me the chance to win.
  4. Pojo for posting this.
  5. Armadillo cloak for not showing it's ugly head
  1. Well how could I complain.Nothing went wrong really and I dont want to be ungratfull.
This was my favorite tourney and If a 11 yr old kid can go along with an non stereotype deck and beat rebels and lastogeddon then maybe they aren't as invincible as you all thought.Good luck at your tourney and I hope it is as cracking as mine was
                     Thanks for reading
                   Chris Brown

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