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Extra Heavy Duty
Knut Koeneman
Anchorage, AK
March 3, 2001
24 Participants

Hey there. I went to a JSS Qualifier recently and did OK. My deck was designed to outrun just about every deck, which it did quite nicely, but didn't get me past top 8. I heard about the tournament a week before it took place, and barely made it. Here is the deck.

4 Llanowar Elves
4 River Boa
4 Noble Panther
4 Fleetfoot Panther
4 Vine Dryad
4 Blastoderm
4 Jade Leech
4 Armadillo Cloak
4 Wild Might
4 Elfhame Palace
6 Plains
14 Forest
4 Kavu Chameleon
4 Seal of Cleansing
3 Reverant Silence
2 Hurricane
2 Vitalizing Wind

The strategy was the same as any Stompy deck, go for a quick win. I got mana screwed occasionally, so that explains the Vine Dryads. I figured that I had a chance, so onto the report.

Match 1. Me vs. Some weird deck
Game 1 was a piece of cake, he had 1 land ! the entire game, and I got turn 1 E Cloaks on it, and then kept hammering away and building up mana. He was at 15 fro a few life spells, but I got the Wind, and he had an island. I finished the game with 127 life.

Well, at least I am doing well.

Match 3. Me vs. G/R/B weird Stompy.
Game 1 was all about speed, with him dying on trn 5. Game 2 he stalled for quite a while using walls and a couple of Hunted Wumpus. I was at 9 life and he was at 2 when I made a mistake. I had a Wild Might in my hand, and 1 more creature than he did. So, I attacked with everything. However, he had burn in his hand, and he killed one creature and blocked everything else. He had an Avatar of Might and alot of other creatures, so he won. Game Three he got just about nothing as I dropped a Leech and kicked him in the head with it and a Boa very fast.

I'm going to Semi's, yay!

Match 4. Me vs. Counter Rebel
This was where I lost. This guy was running U/W and black ! for Perish, Vampiric Tutor, and Tsabo's Decree. He had also been coachother junk. Oh well, 5th isn't bad for my 2nd tournie.

Props to Cybercup for holding the tournie, I really had fun.

Props to the guy who beat me, you taught me a valuable lesson, and I will ahve my Revenge on you. I hope Jake Beat you in Quarterfinals, though.

Props to my opponents for taking their beating without complaining.

Slops to WotC for printing all of those Rebels, especially Lin Sivvi. Would you ban it in Constructed please!!

Slops to...... Me I guess, for playing green again and not making top 4.

Oh well, I guess that I can try in the next JSS Qualifiers. By the way, my e-mail is

Until next time......

Knut Koeneman

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