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 'How not to play control or why didn't I play a creature deck?'
By Matthew Hudson
March 11, 2001 Gravesend, Kent UK
Monthly type 2. 15 players

Okay, I admit it I am now completely magic'd out. Between trying to see if
Planeshift could offer my 'Defiant Zone' deck (see my other tournament
report here on the Pojo)anthing useful without turning it into a Fires copy
and trying to break Forsaken City I had had enough of Magic by the time the
monthly T2 came.

Luckily, a one of the regulars at Gravesend, James McCafferty, sadi that I
could borrow his U/W control-millstone deck. Great, thought I, now I have
decent chance of winning..

Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of the decklist (and since it wasn't my
deck I don't think that James would like me to post it anyway). However, the
highlights were as follows..

4 Wrath of God
3 Rout
4 Counterspell
4 Absorb
2 Millstone
3 or 4 Story Circles
1 Nether Spirit
some more counters, card drawing, a disenchant or two and a couple of Orim's

I played a quick warm up game against Fires which I won and then it was off
into the rounds. 15 players, five rounds of swiss with a cut to the top

Round 1 - Mark with U/W mill.

Match 1
Hmmmmm..Mirror match up first round this could be fun. I lost the dice roll,
Mark went first. Around turn 5 had a counterspell war over Marks millstone
which I lost due to a daze. Mark then went on to mill my library away.

Match 2
I sided out the routs and a couple of WoGs for  more counters (gainsay I
think) and an additional millstone..

I play a turn 2 millstone. Mark copies. Turn three and mark hits my
millstone with dismantling blow. Okay I hold my counters and think that I
have another two millstones in the deck and I'll win with them both (I think
that Mark only plays one in his deck). End of my turn and Mark mills away a
millstone.hmmm this just got difficult. Mark takes his trun and lays a land
and plays a Story Circle black. I draw land. Mark then mills again and there
goes the other millstone.Okay now I can't win. The nether spirit I have may
well show up but will never get past the Story circle and I know that this
deck doesn't have Recalls. Well done Mark!!

Matches 0 - 2
Rounds 0 - 1

It's not all bad, I'll drop into the lower half of the draw, which should
mean I get some easier games.

Round 2- Graham with R/B/u discard/burn.

Here we go then. All I have to do is get out two Story circles and mill to
hearts content.

Errrrrr ...NO.

Match 1

After drawing my intial seven card hand I hand two circles, some counters
and two land. Fine. I'll draw a land in the first couple of turns and
stabilize on turn 6 at about 6 life I figured.
Turn 6 and I've still got two lands even  though I've drawn and cast three
Accumulate Knowledges. I die next turn to a seal of fire.

Match 2

A mana hand with a story circle and a millstone in my opening hand means I
mill away happily..

Match 3

See Match 1 above. Except I lasted to about turn 10 or so when I dies to a
kicked Urzas's Rage.

Matches 1 - 4
Rounds  0 - 2

Now I'm starting to doubt whether this borrowing a deck I have never played
was a good idea.

Round 3- ??? with U/B discard.

Sorry, my memory's lasped (Ha. Ha) again with your name.

Match 1

Planeshift familiar beatdown does me in with two Doomsday Spectre backup to
help. I didn't see any counters or circles for this entire game end of
discussion really.

Match 2

Lose the counter war over a Spectre. Lose the game to familairs and the
spectre.Don't think I can handle another game of magic in my life ever

Matches 1 - 6
Rounds   0- 3

Round 4 - Bye!!!

Yipee, my first 'win' of the day!!! I watch James play his game with his fun
deck. However, I expect that his opponent is the luckiest player every. He
apparently draws and plays three terrors and three giant growths within two
turns.At this point all I have to say is that the guy should, if he was that
lucky, go and buy a lottery ticket this week. But on the more dramatic side
all I can say is that cheating never wins friends.

Round 5- Sean with fires.
Okay I match I can probably win..

Match 1
He goes off and I lose when after casting two Knwoledges and a Fact or
Fiction I can't find a WoG or Rout to save my sorry backside.

Match 2

I lose to the turn 4 Wurm after I had absorbed away the turn 3 blastoderm.
live and learn I suppose.

Final result

Matches 3 - 8
Rounds 1 - 4

Well what can I say. I could blame not knowing the deck (errrr, no), I could
blame the fact that I had only played one game with the deck (err rr, no); I
could say that James is a lousy deck builder (No chance!!!).

Well I have to say that I must be the worst U/W in the area (yeah that
sounds about right). However, I did win the consolation prize of a box of,
wait for it, blue and white commons.

Next month I'll go back to playing the Defiant Zone or something I'm working
on that invloves the Skyship, Weatherlight and dragons.

Just enough time for the usual slops and props..


All of opponents for not ripping my inability to play U/W control.

James for the loan of the deck. I'm sure it plays excepionally well in your

Whoever donated the box of white commons. I now have enough white and blue
commons to build lots of U/W decks..


Me for the idiotic way I played all day.

If you read this far then thanks. Please send me creature decklists to the
e-mail address below. I don't ever want to play a U/W mill deck again..


Matt Hudson

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