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Golden Memories
Jason Imperiale
U/W Nether go   
20 participants


      I recently participated in a friday night Magic tournament at Golden
Memories Comics at a local store on Long Island. I decided to play the U/W
Nether go deck that I recently won a JSS with. I should of fixed my sideboard
to go against land destruction but that was a stupid mistake and I got lucky
and was able to beat it anyway. So the deck i decided on is...
3x nether spirit

4x countetspell
4x absorb
4x fact or fiction
4x ackumulated knowledge
2x probe
1x recall
2x millstone
4x wrath of god
3x dismantling blow
2x storycircle
1x dominate
1x teferis moat
1x tsabos web
1x misdirecion

4x coastal tower
4x adakar watses
7x plains
8x island

3x bliding angel
2x mageeta the lion
2x rout
2x cursed totum
1x teferis moat
2x millstone
2x disenchant
1x tsabos web

So thats the deck I decided to play. My first round opponent was Jimmy
Mergel he is a regular there and played fires, a pretty good matchup for me
so I wasn't very worried.
Round 1: Jimmy Mergel fires
Game 1: This game started out slow. He played 3 forms of fast mana but my
hand was very controlish with 2 dismantling blows and some counters. I was
able to get the nether spirit into the graveyard and got him down to 12
before he could get something out to block, but couldn't attack because of
Teferis Moat. I was at 13 and he tried to Urzas Rage me with kicker but i had
the misdirecion ready bringing him down to 2. After finally drawing the Wrath
I was able to kill him with the nether spirit.
sb: I put in 3 angels 2 rout 1 web 1 moat and 1 disenchant  and take out 3
nether spirits 2 probe 1 recall and a millstone.
Game 2: This game was much more simple. Im not sure he played any guys with
flying other than birds of paradise. I get out a Teferis Moat green and play
a Blinding Angel. It seemed he couldn't kill it so 10 turns later i was able
to win the game.
1-0 2-0

    The person i was versing next round I've never seen there before. He was
new and beat my firend last round because of heavy mana screw. He played big
green creatures with no other color which should be relativly easy to beat

Round 2: Big green New kid
Game 1: My starting hand was 5 land a Fact or Fiction and a story circle. I
decided to stay because i kow its better to have to much land then to little
and probability said I would draw into spells. He started off pretty quick
and I drew into so much land... My next 4 draws were land and i didnt even
fact or fiction into a Wrath and my Storycircle was tranquilited.  I lost
quick after that to a 7/6 creature I neer saw before.
sb: I sb in 3 blinding angel 2 mageeta 2 rout and I took out 3 nether spirits
2 probe 1 recall and 1 misdirecion
Game 2: I start off with a much better hand having a mageeta and a absorb and
4 land. I counter a blastoderm and start the beatings with the mageeta. He
had no removal that i saw and mageeta with a Blinding Angel came in for the
Game 3: He started off with 2 land and figured he would draw more...he
didn't. He sat with 2 land most of the game and I won with a double Blinding
2-0 4-1

 The next round I had to verse te deck i forgot to sb against which was  
mono red land destruction. Dan Mcfail was playing it and hes a regular there.

Round 3: Dan Mcfail Ponza
Game 1: My hand wasnt that bad but he played a lot of LD. In this game he
play 3 Despoil 4 Stone Rain 2 Pillage 2 Pain/Suffering and a Tectonic break
and he didnt even go through half his deck. He killed me with 2 Phrexian
Sb: I put in 1x moat 1x web and i took out 1x dismantling blow and 1x Fact or

Game2: My hand wasnt bad again but his draw was wierd. He destroyed over 10
land but i just kept attacking him with the nether spirit. He never drew a
scuta or skizzik and after burning my nether spirit a lot of times i finally
killed him with 0 land in play.

Game 3: This game was wierd. On his fifth turn he had 4 ports in play and
cast a scuta. On my turn i play a web and he mogg salvages it. I draw and its
a web, wow that was lucky. After that I wrathe and was able to kill him with
a Nether spirit.
3-0 6-2

  I had to play the same deck as last round and that is not fun but luckly I
found out that he accidently let his friends use his ports and his friend
left to go back to college

Round 4: Shawn Faber ponza
 After talking and me lying about what I played in my sideboard (
chill,teferis response). We decided to intentional draw and be first and
second seat.

We played a game for fun and I destroyed him with misdirecion and lots of
counter. I finally beat him with a nether spirit. Oh well should of played.

Top 8:
1st seat: Jason Imperiale u/w nether go :-)
2nd seat: Shawn Faber B/R Land Destruction
3rd seat: Dan Mcfail Red Ponza
4th seat: new kid Nether go
5th seat: Anthony Mancuso Fires
6th seat: Glenn Katzan b/r control
7th seat:  Jimmy Mergel fires
8th seat: Ricky Meditz Fast g/r

Top 8: Ricky Meditz fast g/r

Game 1: This game didn't go so well. He went first turn elf and second turn
boa and bird. I couldn't draw into a wrath and my nether spirit didnt hold
up. I died pretty quick to a river boa and chimeric idol.
sb in: 2 rout 3 angel 2 disenchant 1 moat sbout: 3 nether sprirts 2 probe 1
rout 1 misdirecion 1 tsabos web

Game 2: This game dosent go much better. He starts off with to boa and I'm
stuck with 2 lands I finally draw a 3rd and pla a story circle but have to
dismantling blow a chimeric idol so dont have enough white mana to live. My
next 4 cards were white mana.

  All around it was a pretty good tournament. I had won the last 3 T2
tournaments there and a jss so my T2 record isnt that bad. I decided for next
week i might want to fix up the deck. I like last breath and think it will be
a good idea. Well I will try it out and write about it next time. Hope you
all enjoyed the report.
-Jason Imperiale

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