Three Weeks After Suicide - A Black Zombie Theme Deck


4 Festering Goblin

4 Carnophage

3 Accursed Centaur

4 Wretched Anurid

2 Shepherd of Rot

1 Crypt Creeper

2 Phyrexian Ghoul

4 Nantuko Husk

1 Zombie Trailblazer - Uncommon

4 Demonic Tutor - Uncommon

4 Dark Ritual

3 Crown of Suspicion

1 Word of Binding

1 Duress

1 Haunting Misery

20 Swamp

1 Strip Mine


This Black Zombie Suicide deck actually plays out very strong with hard hitting early attacks, you can swing for 7 turn 2 with only a single Dark Ritual, but uses tricks to win the game when the initial rush loses velocity. Donít be afraid to trade creatures.


The Carnophage, Festering Goblin, and Anurid are all pure beat down creatures. With the Accursed Centaur you can sac a Ďphage or Anurid that is causing you problems or kill off the Goblin for use as creature removal.


The Shepherd of Rot is a nice addition since he can deal out a lot of fast damage with his tap ability.


The Crypt Creeper is simple utility in case they can drop a Prismatic Strands. As a 2/1 for 2 he is also a decent aggressive creature.


The Ghoul/Husks can become very strong and will overwhelm most other creatures or go unblocked for an early kill. Donít be afraid to sacrifice your own creatures to these guys either to kill a blocking creature, to save the Ghoul/Husk from burn, or to prevent Carnophage/Anurid pain.


As an Onslaught theme deck the Trailblazer should be Soulless one. The Trailblazer, however, is much better and can often allow a Ghoul/Husk through for the win.


Demonic Tutor is simple utility. Donít use it to fetch more aggression, instead use it to fetch utility cards to insure a win or to get a game breaking card like Haunting Misery or Zombie Trailblazer.


Dark Ritual simply accelerates the deck, all aggressive Black builds should run 4 of this card.


Crown of Suspicion can be used as creature removal against Goblins or Elves but is most often used in this deck as a pump card for your Zombies. Make good use of it and it will give you many early wins. If you do pop one for the mass effect make sure you sac any 1 toughness creatures to a Husk or Ghoul first.


Word of Binding could be Dirge of Dread but the Word is more flexible in most games and wonít be dead against Black. Dirge could be good in SB or if Black isnít played much in your area.


Duress is included to protect a win condition only. I realize that many decks like this run 4 which is a good idea but this deck focuses on an early win with pure beat down and no disruption. Itís only here against Fog or a spell that would block Haunting Misery.


Haunting Misery is a kill card for this deck when the creature rush is stopped or if they are within range after an attack. Donít forget you sac all your creatures to a Ghoul/Husk before playing this card (as long as you know it will kill them). Also, the Ghoul/Husk can sac itself as can an Accursed Centaur played from hand.


Jason Chapman -