Opposing Wizards - A Blue Theme Deck


4 Hapless Researcher

3 Tidal Visionary

3 Cephalid Scout

4 Escape Artist

4 Thalakos Seer

3 Information Dealer

4 Aphetto Grifter - Uncommon

1 Washout - Uncommon

4 Sunken City

4 Omen

3 Counterspell

23 Island


Well, in my article I said that Wizards suck. They do but where else can PEZ get access to Opposition. PEZ obviously losses a lot from the standard Opposition decks but at least this is more fun to play and cheaper to build. The deck plays like a fragile Opposition deck.


The Hapless Researcher and Tidal Visionary are both cheap and early drops.


The Cephalid Scout is a nice way to draw some extra cards but with the Sunken City this deck is very Mana intensive so watch out about overusing his ability. This is why he was chosen over Soldevi Sage. His natural evasion is another nice touch.


The Escape Artist and the Thalakos Seer are both nice since they have evasion.


Information Dealer is what gives this deck a chance at finding the right cards fast enough to do some good.


The Grifter is, of course, where the deck gets itís name from since his special ability is a powered down Opposition. Protect him as much as possible since the deck is in trouble without him (and sometimes with him).


Washout is included to even out a bad board. It works really nice if a Grifter is in play and you are close to even with the opponent. Simple play Washout and then lock down their lands for the rest of the game and you have a good chance for a win.


Sunken City is the pump card for this deck. It gets expensive but will help to shorten the clock and maybe even keep your Wizards alive a little longer.


Omen (from Portal, if you donít know it think Portent) was chosen for card drawing since it allows you to reshuffle the deck and get the best use from the Information Dealer.


Counterspell is good for what it always has been good for.


Other card choices could include Fade Away - tap their lands down and then remove the creatures. Instead of Sunken City you could try including cards like Crafty Pathmage and Crown of Ascension to make your creatures unblockable and then use Tribal Unity for the kill card (or just use the Unity in this deck with minor modifications). Of course you will have to add some Green mana. I would drop the Grifters if you do this and add Apprentice Wizards for the Mana boost.


Jason Chapman - chaps_man@hotmail.com