Pez Deck: Sunburn


This is an ALL COMMON red deck that needs worthy opponents. Its won me lots of games, and if you can use it right, it will win for you too. Without furthur ado, the deck.


<< 5UN8URN >>





~18~ Mountain




~4~ Mogg Fanatic

~4~ Jackal Pup

~4~ Mogg Flunkies

~4~ Raging Goblin

~4~ Kyren Sniper


~Other Spells:22~


~4~ Shock

~4~ Firebolt

~4~ Lightning Bolt

~4~ Incinerate

~4~ Volcanic Hammer

~2~ Arc Lightning



OK heres the breakdown.


Mountain- DUH


Mogg Fanatic- fast attacker, and finishes those final damages needed.


Jackal Pup- really fast, and the effect wont really matter cuz your gonna burn the crap out of your opponents creatures anyway


Mogg Flunkies- 2 for a 3/3 is good, and you're going to go all out attacking any way cuz your opponent won't have any creatures to block with.


Raging Goblin- fast 1/1 haste for 1 is good enough for me


Kyren Sniper- 3 for a 1/1 with a half sulferic vortex effect, it ususally wins with multiple on the field


Shock- 2 damage for 1 is good


Firebolt- 2 damage for 1 is good and a flashback


Lightning Bolt- 3 damage for 1 is crazy


Incinerate- 3 damage for 2 is good


Volcanic Hammer- ^^^Look Above^^^


Arc Lightning- split the damage between creatures



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