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Peasant Magic Rules

The Peasant Magic idea was created by Rob Baranowski to give people a chance to play competitive Magic without dropping a ton of cash on Magic Cards.  The Peasant Magic format was played at GenCon this year.

Here are the rules of Peasant Magic:

  • Cards from any published Magic set wherein cards were assigned a rarity value by WotC. This includes Unglued, Starter, and Portal, but does not include promotional cards or cards from pre-built sets like Vanguard.
  • No more than five (5) uncommon cards.
  • No (zero, 0, nada, zilch, empty-set) rare cards.
  • At least 55 common cards.
  • There may be no more than four (4) copies of any single card except basic land.
    * Snow-covered land counts as a basic land.
  • In the event that a deck contained cards that must be physically destroyed to be used (re: Chaos Confetti from Unglued), players were allowed to replace the destroyed card after each game in which they destroyed a copy of the card.
    * If a player runs out of copies of a card, then they must fill their deck with basic land(s) of their choice.
  • Sideboard and other rules can be found on Rob's website.  
  • There's also a Peasant Magic News Group you can visit.

We'd love to see your ideas for decks for this format!  Why?!  

  • This is a fun format.  Experienced Players will have fun using cards from older sets.

  • A lot of beginning Magic Players come to our site looking for help & ideas.  They don't have huge sums of cash.  I think learning about good common/uncommon cards from the past & present will help beginners understand the game better, and give them ideas on inexpensive cards they can grab to build cheap competitive decks they can play against their friends.

If you want to test your hand building a deck, please do so!  Send us your deck along with your analysis of your deck.  We will not post simple deck lists.  People want to read the strategy behind your decks too.  List all 60 cards in your deck.  Please put your name in your report so we can credit you.  People may want to contact you as well, so you may want to include your email address. :-)  Send your decks here and have fun with it!