This entire deck is not unglued, but most of it is. I picked unglued because it has some REALLY GOOD commons.

12 plains
10 mountains

4x knight of the hokey pokey (C)
4x mesa chicken (C)
2x miss demeanor (u)
4x capashen knight (C)
4x cho manno's blessing (C)

4x chicken egg
2x goblin bowling team
2x goblin bookie
4x hurloon wrangler
4x lightning bolt
4x shock

3 urza's science fair project

This deck will only work if you know how to use it. Do not use burn on small creatures. save it for big ones that the first strikers cant handle. also. attack!!! this is an offensive deck. put the blessings on either the capashen knight to get damage through or on the mesa chicken for blocking purposes. I hope you have a lot of fun with this deck. I know i do.


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