Here's my zombie deck:
3 Nightscape Familiar
4 Gravedigger
4 Grave Defiler
3 Llanowar Dead
4 Vodalian Zombie
3 Quagmire Druid
3 Exclude
3 Temporal Spring
1 Wash Out
4 Strength of Night
3 Lay of the Land
9 swamps
8 forests
8 islands

        Well, the basic idea is to get out a lot of zombies and smash your
opponent's face in with an overrun-type effect produced by paying the kicker
on strength of night.  Wash Out really helps against weenie decks/getting
things out of your way so that your opponent won't have enough blockers.
The zombies are all utility.  The vodalians are there to do the smackdown
due to the popularity of green, the druids are there so that you won't get
killed by enchantments (can't think of any right now, but i'm sure there's
plenty it's useful for), and the grave diggers/defilers fill/refill your
hand with more zombies to lay the smackdown.  Temporal Spring, Exclude, and
Lay of the Land (I call it LOL) all help the deck function better by either
gaining card advantage, or thinning the deck.  And I think you all know what
the lands do.

Many happy beatings!