Dann Wyte
                     PEASANT MAGIC

     Hi every one my name's Dann Wyte, I'd like to
share my idea of what Fires with the abuse of Rancor
might kinda look like in Peasant Magic with a review
afterwards. Please read the review, it give a total
explanation on how this WHOLE deck works and the
metagame with it. I'd really appreciate you enjoying
my article to its full extent and my hard labor ALL
afternoon writing the article:
Peasant Rancor-Fires v1.0
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Rouge Elephant
4 Pouncing Jaguar
4 Blastoderm
4 Flowstone Crusher
4 Shock
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Rancor
4 Fires of Yavimaya
2 Lotus Petal
11 Forest
10 Mountain
1 Treetop Village

Side Board:
4 Incinerate
3 Invigorate
4 Giant Growth
4 Wild Might
     Now the review for the Main Deck:

   Llanowar Elves- Since Birds of Paradise is rare the
little elves will have to do, although they won't
produce all types of mana it will produce green, which
is the most important color of he deck being that it
is the main color of the creatures and rancor which I
will explain later

   Rogue Elephant- What can I say? Its just pure beat
down, hmm cast 3/3 haste with fires, rancor it 5/3
haste trample for GG mana. Even if you don't use
Rancor on it, it is still a threat to your opponent.
Very fast too. A first turn Rogue Elephant might let
you take control of the whole game if your opponent
isn't playing red (Lightning Bolt).

   Pouncing Jaguar- Hm, not too shabby, a 2/2 for one
green mana. Nice creature acceleration. It has echo
but hey, what was Llanowar elves made for? Same thing
with Rogue Elephant, rancor it so it's a 4/2 trample
haste. Did I mention how good Rancor is? I think so.

   Blastoderm- Ok, if you don't know what this card is
for you must be VERY slow in the metagame. Anywho, a
5/5 haste (with Fires) for 2GG is awesome! Even if you
can't Rancor it to give it trample and extra power,
who needs it? This thing is VERY wicked with fires.
Who needs Spirtmonger now, ok maybe I'm being

   Flowstone Crusher- Hehe, a Ball o Lightning (with
Fires) that stays in play, just imagine the look on
the oppositions face when this thing comes in play.
Repeat after me........Cast, and Rancor, and Pump, and
Kill. Take my word for it people, this card is awesome
with haste.

   Shock- Can you say creature control? Ok it's not
that great of a creature control card alone but it
cooks those pesky rodent creatures that block your
mighty Blastoderm from dealing damage and make it fade
away. And it might slow down the opponents first turn
by fring their creature. What more is there to say?

   Lightning Bolt- Now here is creature control, we're
talking big guns. This card will make many appearances
at GenCon Peasant Magic because of its pure insanity
(although most of you guys and gals out there already
know this). Your opponent thinks he got a good start
because he played the 3/3 called Rogue Elephant, hm,
I'll cast Lightning Bolt, kill your Rouge Elephant and
you lost a land and a creature *evil laugh*. You get
the idea.

   Rancor- Hm, big creatures and trample work together
well if you didn't know. Flowstone Crusher, Rancor,
Pump, Haste or 1st turn Rogue Elephant 2nd turn
Rancor, you have a 5/3 trample. Use this with Fires so
when you cast a creature you have a big creature with
haste and trample. Very effective in this deck, just
run over opponents with trample.

   Fires of Yavimaya- Well, here's ol' faithful, the
one and only Fires. Think about it, all your creatures
have haste, you surprise your opponent with Blastoderm
or a Rancored Rogue Elephant. Just imagine people,
just imagine. And if your going for the kill just sac
it for +2/+2 on a creature that has trample. Nuff

   Lotus Petal- Can you say mana acceleration? Yep,
this card works awesome to get out those bigger
creatures with haste or that key card like Fires or
Rancor. Thats about it and I think no further
explaning is required.

   Treetop Village- Well although I only have one in
the deck it still earns its place as a powerful card.
Turn it into a creature Rancor it its a 5/3 trample
and when it turns back to a land the rancor goes into
the graveyard and gets returned to your hand to
enchant another creature later. Cool?, I thought so.

    Now the review for the Side Board:

   Incinerate- Yep, more creature control. Can you
guess why? Yep, the NO REGENERATION part. Are those
pesky regenerators getting you down? No fear,
Incinerate is here! 3 Damage without the opponent
regenerating his creature is pretty good. I think you
got my point on Incinerate, to the next Side Board
Card, Batboy!

   Invigorate- I have three basic Pump Cards in my
Side Board, this one being the first. This pump card
is for those mana tight games where you just can't
come up with enough mana to do more damage or don't
have enough creature power to destroy that pesky Juzam
thats blocking your creatures? Invigorate will help
out alot with the alternate casting cost you can
easily pump a creature to kill another creature or
deal an extra 1 point of damage because of your
opponent gaining life off of the alternate casting
cost. Or you can use it when your opponent tries to
kill your first turn Rogue Elephant with Lightning
Bolt. Now for the second Pump Card in my Side

   Giant Growth- Just plain good with Rancor because
of the trample. This card is if you need to deal more
damage to the opponent faster so he doesn't have
enough time to cast that big creature that would Run
you over. Or to save your creature from being burned
to death or dieing from another creature.You get what
I mean.

   Wild Might- This pump card is when your opponents
deck is mana tight. When they can't pay the two
generic mana, cast it on a rancored or unblocked
creature, +5/+5 is alot of extra damage that your
opponent won't expect, one time I was playing this guy
and he was at 12 life, he let my Pouncing Jaguar
through, I cast Wild Might twice and I won, man, you
HAD to see the look on his face, it was hilarious.
Anywho that's it for the Side Board, to the Overall

Rating the cards on a scale from 1 to 5 on how well
they work in the deck:

Llanowar Elves-4
Rogue Elephants-5
Pouncing Jaguar-3
Lighting Bolt-5
Fires of Yavimaya-5
Lotus Petal-5
Treetop Village-4

   The Whole ShaBang- Well what do you think? I think
that if played right this deck could DOMINATE. yes,
that's right it could dominate. This deck is solid
with 4 of everything except Lotus Petal and Treetop
Village, if you count that. I also think that all
these cards work great with Fires of Yavimaya. This
deck (if played) would be a big threat to Black
Suicide which can use the awesome Juzam Djinn. With
this deck though, the life loss will hurt him because
he will need all the life he can get against this
deck. I never play tested this deck so I really don't
know how fast it is, if you can play test this deck,
email me with results on speed and how fast it can
deal damage. My email's on the bottom.
   Did you notice how important Rancor is to my deck?
Yep, it's ALL about trample and haste in this deck, it
is very effective too if my calculations are correct.
Well, thats about it, just remember, against burn keep
the creatures rolling in and against counterspell and
the such do the same, they will run dry of
counterspells.I hope this article was't too long for
you and I hope it helped out because thats what magic
is all about, helping other people get better, Till
next time.........

Dann Wyte
"How can man walk with four balls?"
Comments or Suggestions to- SlvrDrgn41@yahoo.com