Is it just me...or does nothing feel better than beating down an opponent with rampaging weenies?  Yes, something does feel better... the Channel/Fireball combo, but that's just to make sure  your opponent takes a lickin either turn two or later on when you can blast all his creatures.  Either way, this deck is rather nasty, and it's only main weakness is direct damage and first strike creatures.
Of course, this deck was mainly created to have fun. I was going through my cards and I noticed a set of Mtenda Lions and Jackal Pups. Thinking, I franticly shoved creatures together...even one that's considered rather weak (Scarred Puma). After a few playtesting sessions aainst my friends, I realized what it's strengths and weaknesses are. I was in rather awe that something I had created for the heck of it actually fared rather nicely.  Like I said, this deck falls before Direct Damage and First Strike decks (For obvious reasons), but it holds up rather nicely against slightly slower decks, as well as most decks that focus on control (Not so much I damage is the red light for this deck...but this deck fares particularily well against Blue.... unless of course you only draw Mtenda Lions).
 The fact that this deck requires only 1 or 2 mana to keep going makes this deck pretty immune to mana denial decks, and it's quickness allows it to dodge large cumbersome decks built around creatures with larger costs... as well as decks that focus on counterspelling.

Creatures: 27
4x Jackal Pup
4x Scarred Puma
4xKird Ape
4xMtenda Lion
4xAlbino Troll
3xLlanowar Elves
4xHorned Kavu

Spells: 9
Lands: 24
~ Miguel "Vigilante Fantasy" Caron

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