Peaseant Snuff-O-Derm
Type B/G Aggro Control
4x Blastoderms
4x Terror
4x Snuff Out
4x Giant growth
4x Drain Life
1x Urborg Witch
2x Demonic Tutor (Note to all readers: This card should be in every deck to find good cards.
1x Haunted crossroads. Good stuff
1x Spidersilk Armor
4x Gazaban Ogre
4x Wild Dogs
4x Rancor
4x Land Grants
6x Forests
10x Swamps
2x Maze of ith
1x Diomand Valley Infinate life combo

Pros of this deck its fast and with with the blastoderm-haunted crossroad combo should be easy to get all their creatures destroyed.
Against burn get the Diomand Valley+Blastoderm+ Haunted crossroads to trade your drawstep for 5 life. An exelent trade against a burn style deck. To make sure your crossroad get outs cast a large number of of G for 2/2s and then try to rancor keeping enouph left so you can cast the crossroads, this play almost always will win you the game, against control blue, as it turns every countered creature into a memory lapse.  A basic rule is if you can cast more stuff than them you win.  Turning all their counterspells into dead weight certainly helps.  The two tutors also help alot and as I said Before should be in every deck that doesnt have 5 other GOOD uncommons.

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
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