Black Control
Hand-Land Destruction minor creature kill.

4x Dark Rituals
4x Ravenous Rats
4x Sinkholes
1x Demonic Tutor
4x Hynotic Spectres
4x Rain of Tears
4x Befoul Destroy a creature OR land COOL!
4x Despoil Destroy a land AND kill them a little COOL
4x Clay Statue 3/1 regenerator for 4
4x Drain Life
23x Swamps
2x Maze of Ith

Control Black with the possibility of destroying every land they play every turn and discarding cards from their hand WHILE holding off a ground assault with a 3 power regenerator. This deck does everything black is good and not even needing lotus petals though if you fit some in they it could be interesting.

This deck wins with creatures and a BIG drain life.  This decks drain life rule is Wait till the second one you drwa can kill em, or will save you till you can draw it.

While this deck lacks alot of creature desctuction the 4 included should be sufficient to kill the tramplers leaving your regerators to kill the rest off.

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
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