Peasant Channel Ball
Why Peasant Magic needs a Banned/Restricted list
Deck Type-R/G/B/U Combo
The combo and the uncommons 5x
1x Zuran Orb
1x Channel
3x Demonic Tutor Best Tutor EVER!
4x Nomadic Elf Color Washing is good
4x  Seal Of Fire Not Bolt but Its free eventually
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Accumulated Knowledge
4x Chromatic sphere(sp?) Not a Petal But its a Cantrip
4x Lotus Petal  VERY good reason its banned:)
4x Fireball

Lands 28x
4x Maze of ith Anti Stompy and really messes with the opposing players math
6 Swamps
4 Forests
4 Mountains
2 Islands
2 Black sacduels
2 Green Sacduels
2 Red sacduels
2 blue Sacduels
OK I am going to list the reason I think this deck is the best in the peasent field.

1. Its aggro-control-combo The seal and bolts let you protect yourself from damage or kill the oppponent, and 3 demonic tutors let you handle grab anything you need, would have 4 tutors 1 channel but thought it prudent to have a backup if it gets countered.
2.  Its incredibly fast. With a possible 1st turn kill:) 4 Mana Sources channel fireball.  YES a godhand but a 2nd/3rd turn kill with card draw/tutors to set it up is entirely possible.
3. No other combo decks have been posted as of this printing, giving it an advantage.
4. If you lack the combo elements the deck can play as a strait up burn containing enouph burn to kill and opponentwithout the fireballs
5. Few decks use cards that have been banned/restricted repeatedly, this one does it and laughs.
6. I am gonna stop because I dont want this list to go to far.

Ok to play this deck you need to either 1 have the combo element in place, or B have a large part of it in place along with some card draw.  This deck is above all else flexible with total card draw of 14 its possible to cycle through part of your deck so dont worry about slow starts and try to stay with 6 cards.  Also ALWAYS PLAY this is a deck that needs its life points so conserve them.  Wait till you have 5 more life than they do when they are tapped out to send a channeled-fireball, or just spend as little life as possible sac all your sacduel for land and the rest to an orb.  As with any combo deck paris intelligently.

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
email me at for any comments.

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