Sup Pojo Fans, It's time for some Peasant Magik.
It's me, who submitted the Collapsing Quickie deck (Blue).

Now this time, I got a new red deck I made, Called: [Haste]
It's a fast deck, and powerful.
4X Mogg Fanatic
4X Raging Goblin
4X Goblin Cadets
4X Mogg Flunkies
4X Mogg Conscripts
4X Seal of Fire
4X Shock
4X Lightning Bolt
4X Reckless Abandon
4X Goblin Grenade
20X Mountain
The point of the deck? Fast burn, Fast win,
Goblin grenade, 5 damage for 1 mana just to sacriface a goblin,
and Reckless  Abandon, same thing, but just 4 damage. and Shocks and Bolts and Seals I don't think I have to explain, it's a quick deck, and quick win.
Gimme any comments or tell me what do you think about my deck.
email me at

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