United Nations Deck - Protecting the Peasants
Originally, this was a defensive deck with Horseshoe Crab/Hermetic Study and Field Surgeon. It has changed because the format will have a lot of burn (lightning bolt) and discard effects that will mess up the combos and I think most games will play out very quickly.
4 Curiosity
1 Story Circle
4 Metathran Soldier
4 Soltari Visionary
3 Master Decoy
2 Benalish Trapper
3 Stinging Barrier
(16 Creatures)
3 Cho-Manno's Blessing
2 Betrayal
4 Sigil of Sleep
(14 Enchantments)
4 Counterspell
4 Opt
(8 Instants)
10 Island
12 Plains
(22 Land)
Those who say the best defense is a good offense should like this deck. This deck should be played out as quickly as possible except against Red. The only time you slow down is when you have a Sigil of Sleep or Curiosity and an unblockable damage source. Here you should wait until you can protect your play. The Trapper, Decoy, and Barriers provide blockers/tap effects to protect against creatures that have hit the table. The Barriers are esp. good because they can survive a Lightning Bolt.  With Sigil of Sleep the 11 sources of unblockable damage (Barriers, Soldiers, Soltari) can provide quick creature removal. Curiosity, Betrayal, and Opt should help get the cards out a little quicker although Betrayal could well be replaced by counterspells or card drawing. The card drawing also helps minimize the damage of discard. With 4 Soltari Visionary there should be no problem with enchantments. In this format Artifacts shouldn't be any problem.