Black and Blue- Wes Engel


8 Islands
1 Saprazzan Skerry
15 Swamp


4 Plague Beetle
4 Lost Soul
4 Phyrexian Bloodstock
4 Tidal Visionary
4 Vodalian Mystic
4 Stormscape Familiar
2 Cloudskate


4 Seal of Doom
4 Tainted Well
2 Shriek of Dread
2 Scavenged Weaponry
2 Jaded Response
2 Boomerang
2 Sisay's Ingenuity


    This deck has a lot to do with color changing.  Phyrexian Bloodstock's
ability reads: when Phyrexian Bloodstock leaves play, destroy target white
creature.  So, with Tidal Visionary, you can destroy any of your opponents'
creatures by changing their color to white.  The combo of Jaded Response and
Vodalian Mystic work along the same lines.  Sisay's Ingenuity acts as a
backup, should your Tidal Visionary all die.  Tainted Well can change any of
your opponents' lands into swamps, so that you are insured swampwalk with
Lost Soul and Plague Beetle. Add Scavenged Weaponry to either of those
creatures, plus play a Shriek of Dread, or some Boomerang, or sacrifice a
Seal of Doom, and your oppenent(s) will be defenseless (unless they happen to
have a lot of Counterspell, and you're out of Jaded Response).  Other cards
to add to make it better are: Vile Consumption, Viscous Hunger, Last Caress,
and Drain Life.