REGENERATE!!!!! a deck by Todd
The peasant format is filled with a lot of counter, burn, stompy, and weenie. This is a very wide range of deck types. I think that there is one thing that could stop them. REGENERATORS. If an opponent wants to get rid of your creatures, he has to hope you tap out and holds the key burn spells. Or a counterspell is held because the opponent doesnt want to waste it on a 1/1. Or a blastoderm attacks third turn only to be blocked by a 0/1 urborg skeleton.
anyway, i feel this deck is great for anyone who likes to play defensive. I call it "please go away"
4 urborg skeleton ( good because kicker later on)
4 fog of gnats (blocks blue flyers)
4 drudge skeletons ( hey, it regenerates)
4 wall of bone (trample blocker)
4 shifting wall
4 soul burn
4 drain life
4 prohibit
4 arcane denial
4 remove soul
15 swamp
5 island
The deck works like this see. You get out mana fast. only play one island unless you have no swamps in hand. Play your blockers. If there is nothing to block, attack. Counter big trample creatres or flyers if you must. save the prohibits for counterspells that might target your soulburns and drain lifes. They are what win you the game. If you want you can sub in dark ritual for something, but it usually isnt necessary. hope you have fun!!!!