Hi my name is Richie I made this deck after my friend who barely has any rares to begin with he calls it the, Take Out Deck. Here it is!

"Take Out Deck"

4x Lone Wolf
4x Skyshroud Ridgeback
4x Taunting Elf
3x Llanawar Elves
3x Priest of Titania
3x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Scent of Ivy
4x Wild Might
4x Invigorate
4x Giant Growth
4x Seal of Stength
14x Forest

        The point is to get the lone wolves and skyshroud ridgebacks out really fast early in the game, then use the priest of titania to produce tuns of mana. Then pump up the wolves and ridgebacks and attack, the taunting elves are use to make sure that all the damage reaches the opponent. This is a quick and tough deck to beat.

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