Okay, this is about as basic blue can get. But surprisingly its control
capabilties are quite impressive to the point where it can shut down any
non-peasant deck (given the right cards at the right time of course). So liek
ive been explaining its purpose is to control and eliminate any huge threats
and whatever slips through the cracks will be met by waves of chimp blockers.

The Deck:
4x Merfolk Of The Pearl Trident
4x Spiketail Hatchling
4x Prodigal Sorcerer
1x Stronghold Biologist (Uncommon, simply for constant removal of threats)
1x Stronghold Biologist (Uncommon, in case of no counterspells)

4x Counterspell
4x Exclude
4x Remove Soul
4x Opt
4x Tidal Surge
4x Psychic Venom
4x Sleeping Potion
2x Confiscate (Uncommon, what you want... you take)
1x Washout (Uncommon, this goes right up the alley for those beatdown decks)


20 Island

 So, some may say its cheap, others may say it needs more creatures, I say
its brutal and effective in its own little way. When it comes down to it its
just plain simple. But in this game, simplicity works*

* as long as it doesnt involve spells that cannot be countered (a.k.a Urza's

Happy Hunting,