Peasant Skies
note to readers: Ive never been know as a blue mage REALLY, but here is my shot at it, a cross between Skies and the origanal Blue Weenie Beatdown.
4x Cloud Sprites
4x Flying Man
4x Spiketail Hatchling
4x Rishadan Airship

4x Gush

4x Counterspell
4x Mana leak
4x Force Of Will MVP!

4x Unstable Mutation
2x Washout

20 Islands
4x Lotus Petal

I liken this deck to a shotgun shell, its good but only at certain times. 
If you can draw 2 1/1 fliers 2 islands 2 Unstable mutations then that is 8 damage seconds turn.  Correct me if im wrong but blue doesnt usually do that:)  With a total of 16 counterspells it is very easy sit back, relax, and let the green mage try for you.
The washout is for monocolor decks of any kind and can be used as such, a true power card. In a desperate situation you could cast it once you have your unstable weenies at a low level of p/t washout bounces permantents not creatures so it is viable to attack, washout, recast creatures, re-enchant next turn, and have alot of fun:)

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
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