Hello Pojo, Time for another WONDERFUL! deck from little ole me. A deck Designed for the singular purpose of DENIAL! it is a Black LD/Weenie deck designed to win with shadows
The Speed
4x Dark Ritual This is acceleration
4x Lotus Petal This is acceleration
The Control
4x Strip Mine This is INSTANT land destruction-Its free to
4x Sinkhole BB target land is destroyed
4x Befoul Target Creater OR land is destroyed
4x Rain Of Tears Blacks version of Stone Rain
4x Duress Still Exelent Discard Spell, Might as well be uncounterable because if they counter it then it has done its job.
The Death
4x Dauthi Slayer Good Beats
4x Dauthi Horror Good Beats
4x Dauthi Marader Good Beat
1x Dauthi Warlord possibility of a 12+/1 is GOOD beats
19 Swamps

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
email me at jcelfmaster@hotmail.com for any comments.