This is a deck basically built around Dauthi Embrace, a black enchantment from Tempest that gives you the ability to give any creature shadow for BB. Any big, expensive creature can be added to this deck. A Verdant Force works well with Fallen Angel, and a Saporling Burst wouldn't hurt, either. (But the Force and Burst are both Rares)
5x Swamp
5x Forest
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Llanowar Dead
4x Glacial Wyrm
4x Durkwood Boars
4x Blastoderm
4x Crimson Kobolds
4x Ornithopter
2x Fallen Angel (Uncommon in Legends)
3x Dauthi Embrace (Uncommon, maybe)
3x Parallax Dementia
Sorceries/ Instants:
4x Giant Growth
4x Terror
3x Harrow
3x Dark Banishing
Voila! An above-average peasant deck! Email me with questions and comments:

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