Holy Goblins Batman!
W/R Goblin/Soldiers

4x Artifact Recruiter 6 for a 2/2 that gives the named creatuer type +1/+1
4x Goblin Legioniar
4x Raging Goblin
4x Goblin Elite Infantry
1x Goblin Recruiter
4x Seal of Fire
4x Lightning Bolt The required 28 Points Of burn damage
4x Shock
4x Lotus Petal.
1x Buyback Enchantment Kill
1x Buyback Artifact Kill
1x Fireball
1x Buyback 1 point Burn Spell
12x Plains
12x Mountains

Not Much To this deck really.  Play as many goblins as you can attack for little chunks then cast repeated burn spells at the opponent and know that they cant possible counter them all. because they all cost only R.

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
email me at jcelfmaster@hotmail.com for any comments.

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