This is an odd little Red zapper deck, with a few nice Goblins and Blood Lusts to finish the opponent off.
19x Mountain
1x Hammerheim (Basically a Legendary Mountain, U)
4x Mon's Goblin Raiders (or your favourite one-mana goblin)
4x Raging Goblin
4x Goblin Raider
2x Dwarven Warrior (2R, tap to make a creature with power < 2 unblockable, U)
2x Crimson Kobolds (great w/ Blood Lust because 0/1's are rarely blocked)
4x Blood Lust
4x Goblin Grenade
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Seal of Fire
4x Chain Lightning (I think these are commons)
4x Raze (sac a land to destroy a land for one red mana, good in a low-mana cost deck)
Have fun with this deck!
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