Block Me, PLEASE! B/U Stompy-Combo
4x Dark Rituals
4x Lotus Petals
4x Phrexian Reaper
4x Phrexian Slayer
4x Tidal Visionary
4x Drain Life
4x Power Sink
4x Force Spikes
4x Duress
4x Demonic Tutor
14 Swamps
10x Islands
1x Library Of Alexandria
This has 2 paths to Victory, early game drain life with a fast mana from lotus and DR, against green or white this deck has an innate advantage. Against Red The power Sinks and Force Spike will stop most threats of a Tap Out Alot style of deck.  Duress Rules, 'Nuff said.  Demonic Tutor Is an Amazing Card So is Lotus Petal.  These 2 cards are good, REALLY GOOD The Library Of alexandria helps also.

Justin Allen-Elfmaster Extraourdinaire
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