I was slightly disheartened by the fact that players have submitted
mono-colored decks in all colors but white on the first two days of this
sites opening.  Have you people forgotten that white weenie was one of the
first major win strategies in magic?

Accordingly, here is a deck entitled "The Holy Army of the Ages".  

In chronological order:

4   Order of Leitbur (Common - Fallen Empires) - All good armies need Knights
4   Wild Aethir (Common - Alliances) - Death from the skies
4   Ward of Lights (Common - Mirage) - Instant or permanent protection effects
4   Empyrial Armor (Common - Weatherlight) - The best in white pump effects
4   Soltari Trooper (Common - Tempest) - Shadowy evasion troops
4   Soul Warden (Common - Exodus) - Clerical wonderworker the first
4   Serra Zealot (Common - Urza's Saga) - Fast soldierly beats
4   Mother of Runes (Uncommon - Urza's Legacy) - Clerical wonderworker the
4  Thermal Glider (Common - Mercadian Masques) - Flying Pro-Red Rebel Soldiers
4   Benalish Trapper (Common - Invasion) - decoys are good for an army
20 Plains (Common - All Sets) - Good Prodective Land for Farming and
    also makes for an excellent Battlefield.

This is the essence of a white weenie deck and should be played as such.  If
using a sideboard, I suggest 3 each of the common Runes of Protection Red,
Black, Green, White, and Blue).  That should be more than enough to win the
day for The Holy Army of The Ages.

Shaun Fischer