--Sorry about that I forgot to put in the land. It's now Fixed.

Well you said common deck so I went for a common sligh deck. While maiking is I decided to be fair with a few card choices, for instance you specified uncommons from any set, Ball Lightning was Uncommon in the Dark but that would be a bit unfair.

4 Raging Goblin
4 Jackal Pup (great uncommon)
4 Mogg Flunkies (3/3 for 1R? who am I to disagree)
4 Mogg Fanatics (great card)
4 Goblin Raider
4 Stone Rain
4 Fireblast (Last Second game winner)
4 Blood Lust (extra damage)
4 Shock
4 Lightning Bolt (best burn card)
1 FLowstone Crusher(just needed some fat)
1 Hulking Cyclops (see above)
18 Mountains

This runs like all sligh decks. Attack quickly and burn up anything that gets in your way. Don't stop for anything, once you go in defense you are probably going to lose.

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