I'm very surprised that there's no mono white deck in the first two days while I believe white is the best colour in common!  So, I would like to share this deck with every one. :-)

Land: (24)
 Drifting Meadow x 4 (US) --- Cycling is a very nice ability
 Plains x 4 (whatever)

Creatures: (23)
 Tragic Poet x 3 (UL) --- Still a 1/1 for 1cc even if you didn't sac. it to get Empyrial Armor or Rune of Protection back
 Ramosian Sergeant x 4 (MM) --- Rebel searcher
 Defiant Falcon x 4 (NE) --- More searcher
 Steadfast Guard x 3 (MM) --- How is a 5/5 doesn't tap to attack?
 Nightwind Glider x 3 (MM) --- Or 5/4 flying, pro black?
 Thermal Glider x 3 (MM) --- Or 5/4 flying, pro red?
 Soltari Visionary x 3 (EX) --- Or 5/5 Shadow creature?

Others: (13)
 Empyrial Armor x 4 (WL) --- The killer card
 Rune of Protection: Black x 2 (US) --- End of black deck, or draw another card
 Rune of Protection: Red x 2 (US) --- Same as above
 Swords to Plowshares x 4 (whatever) --- Best single creature removal
 Lashknife Barrier x 1 (PS) --- Make creatures tougher & draw a card!

Sideboard: (15)
 Rune of Protection: Black x 2 (US) --- Totally ruin those black guys
 Rune of Protection: Red x 2 (US) --- Same as above
 Path of Peace x 4 (US) --- Wanna more creature removal?
 Erase x 4 (UL) --- Bye, bye Rancor...
 Tragic Poet x 1 (UL) --- Well, if opponent got many enchantment removal...
 Nightwind Glider x 1 (MM) --- Good to swap, anyway
 Thermal Glider x 1 (MM) --- Same

So, basically run the Rebel search for clear creature advantage, put Empyrial Armor on your most nasty creature against opponent, and kill them... ^_^

Joseph Chung

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