Dear pojo,

Submitted for your approval is this fast blue beatdown/control deck.

Flying Sligh

4  Counterspell (countering spells is required for blue)
4  Arcane Denial (counter and draw cards!!!)
4  Rethink (a real surprise for opponents)
4  Curiosity (I hear card drawing is good)
4  Weatherseed Faeries (Pro-Red Flyers)
4  Cloud of Faeries (can Fly and leave lands untapped)
4  Spiketail Hatchling (Flying Force Spikes)
4  Cloud Sprites (Cheap Flyers)
4  Spindrift Drake (First turn 2/1 Flyers)
4  Manta Riders (Alternate Flyers)
20 Islands (what is magic without land to fly over)


4  Annul
3  Capsize
3  Rootwater Commando
1  Chill
4  Blue Elemental Blast

This deck is designed to get out an army of curios flyers, with or without
the counterspell backup.  It typically goes like this

1st turn:  Island, Spindrift Drake
2nd turn: Pay Upkeep, Island, Curiosity, Attack, Draw Card

then just keep going, never letting up on your oppenent.  

I really believe that this new, fun format would make for some interesting

Thanks for all the good articles,

Shaun Fischer