The pattern of the following deck had been my first “serious” built after buying my first two starters and a handful of booster packs (some centuries ago :-). The original did not contain 4 copies of the most important cards and also Mana Leak and Disturbed Burial were added much later. Nevertheless, I won one “all-common” tournament with it and made a second place in another.

For the construction rules of Peasant Magic I adjusted the land rate (4 new uncommons) and brought back again the originally included Black Knight (5th uncommon).



Main Deck


9x Island

10x Swamp

4x Salt Marsh (uncommon)


3x Dark Ritual

2x Shadow Guildmage

4x Mindstab Thrull

3x Necrite

1x Black Knight (uncommon)

3x Phantasmal Fiend

4x Paralyze

2x Unholy Strength

2x Shaper Guildmage

4x Man-o'-War

4x Mana Leak

4x Counterspell

2x Flood



3x Crypt Rats

2x Disturbed Burial

3x Dandan

3x Force Spike

4x Ray of Command



Have a nice day,

Johann Fritz (