Green Eggs and Spam

By Michael Messenger

I named this after the flavor you get in your mouth after being beaten by this deck. Green eggs act as the pumping enchantments with nice little bit of salt adding to the flavor and preserving your creatures. The deck is also filled with Protection creatures witch act as the Spam. No wonder Spam has such a long shelf life.

I can already tell by looking at the cards available in this format that red, black and green are going to be dominant. Just think of all the good commons they already have, black keeps all of its kill cards and suicide weenies, red keeps all of its burn, and green has all of those little swarm critters. So this deck is focused around control beatdown, to stop those dominating speed decks early and pick them to pieces.


12 Plains

8 Forest


4 Cho-Manno's Blessing

4 Armadillo Cloak

4 Rancor

2 Mask of Law and Grace

2 Shield of Duty and Reason

2 Ancestral Mask


4 Llanowar Knight

4 Thermal Glider

4 Mother of Runes (Uncommon)

3 Wall of Glare

2 Elvish Lyrist

2 Nightwind Glider

2 Crimson Acolyte

1 Yavimaya Enchantress (Uncommon)

I tried to focus all my creatures around protection, since there is no wrath of god or any wrath type cards available; protection becomes even more powerful. I used Mother of Ruins as my uncommons since they are the queens of protection, and a variety of creatures with protection from red and black, to make up my army. With Cho-Manno's Blessing and the various other protection enchantments, my mothers stay in play for a long, long time. For green, Wall of Glare does nicely against all those little non trampling creatures witch will be abundant in the format, and with a Mother in play or any of the other protection cards itís a dead end for green. Armadillo Cloak seems to fit nicely, keeping me alive against red, since in most cases I'll be gaining more life then loosing. Ancestral Mask just seems to fit, since I have 18 enchantments, It will work as a nice pumper in the late game, same goes for Yavimaya Enchantress. Elvish Lyrist is important, since Iíve heard nothing yet about sideboards in this new format, and Iím sure it will be helpful disposing of an Underworld Dreams or two.

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