I wish I could go for this tournement too, it will be nice to test out a deck out of commons/uncommons to fight other kind of decks like this.

Oh well, the deck is brought to you by: mosta00guy@hotmail.com

Collasping Quickie- PEASANT MAGIK

4X Spiketail Hatchling
4X Rishadan Airship
4X Cloud Sprite
4X Flying Man

3X Daze
3X Force Spike
4X Counter Spell
2X Thwart
4X Memory Lapse

4X Unstable Mutation
4X Cunning

20x Island

Alrite, let's get into the strategy.
Why Memory Lapse? It slows then your opponent obviously.
That's the point of this deck, slowing down your opponent than strike them with the quickies like "Flying Man", "Cloud Sprite" on the first turn. Than use Unstable Mutation or "Cunning" to strike harder with them, or use Rishadan airship or "Spike Tails" For Countering Adventage.

Let see, Thwart is too much for a counter spell?
It is just for emergency needs, like for example , u pumped up your creatures, no more mana for counters, use thwart then if your opponent casts something really effects you.

I tested it out against my friend's decks, (They're non "PEASANT MAGIK"), This deck works fast and effective, and controls pretty well.

ANy comments, or questions, email me at mosta00guy@hotmail.com

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