Cheap Sligh (60 cards)

I used this deck sometimes and i had to take
repercussion out but it's still good.

Creatures 16
4 Jackal Pup (What else?)
4 Mogg Flunkies (3/3 for 1R, too good)
4 Mogg Fanatics (quick damage)
4 Goblin Patrol (2/1 for R is pretty good)

4 Shocks
4 Seal of Fires (quick damage
4 Incinerates (bye river boa and horned trolls)
4 Lightning Bolts (3 damage for R is just too good)
4 Fireblasts (4 damage for the small price of two
land, good closer)
3 Kindles

21 mountains

This deck is very fast with cards like Jackal Pup,
Mogg Fanatics, and Mogg Flunkies.  You wind up tapping
out everytime do do damage because these cards are so
cheap to cast.  I usually kill people on my 6th turn
with fireblast popping out of nowhere.  Hope you guys
like it.



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