The rules you listed did not talk about not being able to use 4 of a
restricted uncommon so IMHO the best bet would be to abuse the dreaded
Beserk!  from Alpha so that you look cool. This is a great common only deck
that I used to play for ante with back when ante was used notice that it
only has cards from Arrabians and before.  Probably can be updated (Well ok
so I switched in 4 Incinerates) Had to take out the Wheel of forturne. Can
be made fairly cheaply, and works amazingly well.  I double beserk Giant
growth a grizzly bear for 20 Damage on turn 3!.

4 Kird Apes
4 Lightning Bolts
4 Incinerates
4 Bird Maidens
4 Llanoware Elves
4 "Squish" Sprites
4 Giant Growth
4 Iron Claw Orcs
4 Grizzly Bears
4 Beserk !
10 Forest
10 Mountain

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