Hi just wanted to share my cheap green deck.  Here's the deck breakdown.

      3 Seal of Strength (+3/+3 enchantment and disenchant bait)
      4 Rancor (the BEST creature enchantment, works awesome with faders)
      4 Skyshroud Ridgeback
      2 Rogue Elephant (combo with Harvest Wurm)

      2 Harvest Wurm (combo with Rogue Elephant)
      2 Balduvian Bears (staple 2/2 creature)
      3 River Boa (regenerating islandwalker that swings for 2)

      2 Trained Armadon (had these laying around)
      3 Horned Troll (another regenerator that swings for 2 only slightly
      3 Silt Crawler (just make sure you cast everything before playing on
your turn)
      1 Uktabi Orangutan (sweet monkey picture and artifact removal)

      4 Blastoderm (mean, green beatstick)
      3 Creeping Mold (utility artifact, land, and enchantment removal)
      2 Serrated Arrows (weenie creature removal, most useful Homelands card)
      1 Root Greevil (back-up enchantment removal, silly flavor text)

      1 Overrun (YEEHAW, everybody rumba!)

21 Forests.  I used New Waves deck optimizer to calculate my mana requirement
and this set up will get me what I need almost 65% of the time.
      There's not much to playing this deck.  Just get the creatures out and
start beating.  Don't hesitate to throw Rancor on your creatures because it
will return to your hand if it ends up in the graveyard to be used again.  I
like the combo of Rogue Elephant and Harvest Wurm, 3/3 for one mana is a
great way to start the beatings.  You know you'll get the land back if you
have the Wurm in hand plus there's only 1 card with a casting cost of greater
than 4.  20 cards have casting costs of 2 or less.
      If your opponent is playing 2 or more colors use the Creeping Molds as
land destruction and keep them mana screwed.
      I made this deck because I was tired of the "arms race" and not
finding the latest and greatest cards or having to pay an arm and a leg for
them.  I had all these cards lying around.  They may be hard to find but I've
found Serrated Arrows, Rancor and River Boas in the common bin at the local
card shop.  This deck would probably cost as much as a Spritmonger to build
from scratch.  Have fun.