Annoying Blue

2 Air Elemental
3 Forbid
4 Prodigal Sorcerer
3 Psychic Venom
4 Spiketail Hatchling
4 Rishadan Airship
4 Ribbon Snake
4 Ophidian
4 Rewind
4 Impulse
4 Counterspell
20 Islands

It's a rather simple blue deck. Play flyers for the evasion and counter any big threats. Forbid is great because it can be used many times before it is gone. If anything it can be replaced with Thwart in order to play a creature without fear of tapping out. I like the Rewinds to counter and still have mana out.  The Ophidian and Impulse is to draw cards, the more cards you have the better, card advantage is the key!!!
The Psychic Venom is just fun. Most people don't see it coming. If your opponent is playing 2 colors or has Dual/Pain lands out this card makes them think twice about using them.

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