Subject: Elf/Pump Deck
Samuel Youn

Elf/Pump Deck

58 Common
2 Uncommon (Denoted w/a *)
15 sideboard (Common)

Creatures (24)
4 Sandstone Warrior
3 Keldon Berserker
2 Flailing Soldier
4 Skyshroud Elf
2 Priest of Titania
3 Seeker of Skybreak
2 Llanowar Elves
2 Yavimaya Barbarian
2 Wall of Fire *

Spells       (19)
4 Giant Growth
2 Primal Growth
2 Frenzied Tilling
2 Rolling Thunder
2 Stream of Life
4 Rancor
2 Wild Growth
1 Furious Assault

Land       (17)
10 Forest
7  Mountain

The way my deck works is pretty basic.  
The Elves come out quickly for mana, the Wild Growth and Primal Growth also help for the mana.  You want to get in as much damage as possible in the beginning, which is why the Giant Growths are there.  
You have the Skyshroud Elf to convert G to R and use that ability to pump up the Sandstone Warrior with all your mana or as necessary.  Because it has First Strike, it can kill almost any creatures that blocks it.  The Priest of Titania can pump it up by about 15 if you untap it with the Seeker of Skybreak to tap it again.  The Skyshroud Elf is CRUCIAL!  The Keldon Berserker uses the fact that all lands are tapped to get +3/+0.  The Wall of Fire is to block any attacking creatures and kill it if you can by pumping it up; it also helps to tap out for the Berserker.  
The Yavimaya Barbarian is there because it is an Elf and adds to the mana from Priest of Titania and it is a decent attacker if you use Rancor or the like.  The Flailing Soldier is a cheap (R) pumpable that also has a bad side but it is good in the beginning.  The Rolling Thunder and Stream of Life is good to kill the opponent's creatures or gain life.  The Frenzied Tilling is just there to help you get the upper-hand mana-wise, which if you don't have, then the deck isn't working.

Sideboard    (15)
3 Bloodfire Dwarf
2 Spore Frog
2 Shattering Pulse
2 Crown of Flames
1 Spidersilk Armor
3 Armadillo Cloak
2 Captain's Maneuver

I put the Bloodfire Dwarf in the Sideboard because my friend has a "Tim" Deck, which would be what my deck is weak to.  The Spore Frog is to be used as a small creature until you need to sacrifice it; i.e. a Lord of the Pit attacks you.  The Shattering Pulse is there to destroy annoying artifacts, although Viashino Heretic* works well too.  The Crown of Flames basically gives the enchanted creature Firebreathe.  The Spidersilk Armor lets all my creatures block flying creatures to go against the Flying creatures.
I would have Main-decked the Armadillo Cloak and the Captain's Maneuver but the deck doesn't use W, so you would need the Skyshroud Elf to use these.

You probably noticed that a Simoon or something would have killed all of the elves, thus ruining this deck, and I agree.  This deck is weak to a burn deck or a permission deck.

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