Welcome To Another Wonder Deck for the financially challenged.
Peaseant G/W Junk
4x Llanoward Elf
4x Rancor
4x Armadillo Cloak
4x River Boa Anti Blue
4x Shanodin Dryads  Anti Green
2x White Knight Anti Black
1x Reinforecements
4x Rouge elephant
1x Spidersilk Armor
1x Hurrican Anti-Flying
1x Noble Steeds
1x Righteous Avengers Anti White
4x Lotus Petal
12 Forests
12 PLains
3x Maze Of Ith

This deck is fairly simple in design, Be unblockable.  Unfortunatly their arent any mountainwalkers in white or green that peasant magic can use. 
This doesnt matter because red is the color of burn:P  The choice of white knight over a swamp-walker is that we dont want this creature being terrored.  The shanodin dryads are a 2/1 for 1g with forest walk that when rancored are absdolutely amazing agaisnt green.  The rouge elephant is their because it is possible the biggest first turn drop green has ever had. 
Noble steeds gives any creature first strike and helps in creature battles and makes rancor all the more powerful.  Reinforcements is to give another edge agaisnt blue along with the hurricane to stop flyiers that traditionly give W/G decks problems.  The spidersilk armor is their to hurt red burn and stop fliers.

Justin Allen
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