Thanks to lotus petal, even more lands can be cut from the already low land count usually found in 10 land stompy decks.  Although there are only 8 forests, the lotus petals, elvish spirit guides and land grants give us 19 mana sources.  That should be enough for a mana curve that doesn't go above one right?

4 rogue elephant                                                                                                      

4 quirion ranger

4 ghazban ogre

4 mtenda lion

3 elvish spirit guide

4 wild dogs

3 elvish lyrist

4 skyshroud ridgback


4 lotus petal

4 land grant

4 rancor

4 briar shield

2 bounty of the hunt


8 forests

This deck is capable of some very explosive starts.  Think of getting this hand


lotus petal

elvish sprit guide

land grant

rogue elephant

wild dogs


play the sprit guide, petal, and forest. Then summon the elephant and dogs, sacrificing your forest. Put a rancor on your elephant or dogs and land grant, giving you a land for next turn.  This leaves you with just one card in your hand after just the first turn! attack for 8, probably topdeck a creature and watch to see if your opponent can somehow stop what will be your 3rd turn kill.  Pretty explosive start if I do say so myself.

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