Creatures (20)

4 Sage Owl (Library manipulation and 1/1 flyer for 2)
4 Storm Crown (1/2 flyer for two -> pingers will not work)
4 Cloud Sprite (1st turn flyer)
3 Rishadan Airship (any questions)
3 Cloudskate (2/2 flyer - so what that fading, until fades we are victorious or doomed allready)
2 Indentured Djinn  - Uncommon (4/4 flyer for 3 mana... any questions?)

Spells (20)
4 Recoil (Those stupid circles, catapults, whatever could stop our squad)
4 Sigil of Sleep  (creatures - sleeep sleeep sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep....)
4 Parallax Dementia (Who need those Desolation Angels, we have 5/4 Flyer on turn 3)
4 Sinister Strength (A not so good dementia, but who said that black removal is deadly for blue creatures)
4 Unholy Strength (A small potion of strenght, we don't want our storm crowns to die from shock)

2 Salt Marsh
10 Island
8 Swamp

Really I play with 2 phyrexian arenas (or Dark Triumph) and 2 Reckless Spite instead of Sigil of
Sleep to make the deck type2 deck.

Typycal Machup
Me: 1Turn : Island - Cloud Sprite
Opponent: Forest -> Llanowar Elves
2Turn : Swamp - Sinister Strenght (ha black removal does not work) -> Attack with 4
Opponent: Mountain -> Fires of Yavamaya
3Turn : Swamp - Unholy Strenght on Sprite -> Attack on 6 -> Sage Owl (let's see what we have there)
Opponent: Mountain -> Blastoderm -> 5 damage
4Turn : Land -> Parallax Dementia -> Finish!!!
Opponent: Keeping burst on the hand and...??? :(

For long game play -> Sigils, Reckless Spites, Djinns
Djinns as 4/4 flying fatties -> not bad, so what that opponent draws, that does not helps him/her