Peasant Deck Ė

Enchanting Crab


4 Horseshoe Crab


1 Crystal Chimes (Uncommon)


3 Enlightened Tutor (Uncommon)

3 Sigil of Sleep

3 Hermetic Study

2 Alexiís Cloak


2 Rune of Protection: Red

2 Rune of Protection: Green

1 Rune of Protection: White


4 Opt


1 Capsize

2 Repulse

1 Washout (Uncommon)


3 Counterspell

4 Arcane Denial

3 Exclude


5 Plains

16 Island


This deck also runs White but is much more focused on Blue. While it lacks the card drawing of Clayís deck it does pack some with the 4 Opt, and the cantrips as well as cycling the RoP. The big helping hand, though, is Enlightened Tutor. While it is unlikely that you will draw to both an early Plains and the Tutor, mid game it becomes likely and you should be able to fetch the exact card you need to finish up your combo.


The RoPís provide a little support against those aggressive decks out there just in case the Crabs are taking a while to get going or your opponent already has some big threat on the table when they do get going or when you are within range of a little direct damage. You will note that there is a lot that can go wrong with a deck like this. One other problem is if, for one reason or another, you find yourself with most of your enchantments in the Graveyard. Since Iím paranoid this deck packs the Crystal Chimes.