Peasant Deck-



4 Standard Bearer

3 Coalition Honor Guard

2 Field Surgeon

3 Horseshoe Crab

2 Tragic Poet

3 Voice of All

1 Mother of Runes

4 Soul Warden

2 Troubled Healer

3 Combat Medic

2 Soltari Visionary


3 Hermetic Study

3 Samite Blessing

2 Inviolability

1 Cho Manno’s Blessing

1 Story Circle


1 Congregate


14 Plains

6 Island


This deck is a far cry from your Hermetic Crabs deck but it does use the crabs for the win and your article made me think of it so here it is. This deck just splashes Blue but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem since you shouldn’t have any problems drawing to the Islands and Crabs eventually. If it is taking to long you can always go for the win with Voice of All or Soltari Visionary. In fact the deck might be better without Blue now that I think about it. . .


Anyway, the idea is to make yourself immune to pain. With all of the damage prevention this shouldn’t be too hard. Creatures get a lot more protection than you do but that’s okay since you also have some decent life gain ability.


Regardless, once you can protect a Flag Bearer from taking massive damage, death, and dismemberment you are pretty much immune from Direct Damage. The Flag Bearers also prevent most Green Pump effects which should keep their creature damage within limits that you can stop.


Once you have a few Islands out and a few enchantments on the crab you are pretty well set.