*HermChasm (U/G/W)*


4 Crop Rotation

4 Harrow


3 Impulse

1 Fact or Fiction

4 Opt


4 Soul Warden

4 Troubled Healer

4 Horseshoe Crab


4 Hermetic Study


4 Congregate


4 Glacial Chasm

8 Island

5 Forest

7 Plains


                As mentioned in a post I threw up on Yahoo, Crop Rotation is darn good and begging for abuse. This deck is an odd ball in that it attempts to win through a Combo. That's right this Peasant deck is not a creature rush, control, or burn deck. It is a combo deck. Having said that it's not great but the one truth about all combo decks is that they take a long time to come in to their own. That means lots of minds working overtime with a lot of proxies. As you may have guessed, I work 2 jobs, have a girlfriend, duties at home, a D&D campaign to put together, my own games to work on etc. Basically I don't have enough time for all the testing so please take this and run with it.

                Basically, the idea of the deck is to spend a few turns setting up. You will want to gain as much life as quickly as you can or hold a couple of Crop Rotations or Glacial Chasms in your hand.

                As soon as you have done the math you drop the Chasm, and start pinging away with your Crab. Here is an example.


Turn 1: Island, Opt

Turn 2: Plains, Soul Warden

Turn 3: (21 life b/c of the Warden) Forest, Harrow (Forest, Island)

Turn 4: Congregate (29 Life)

Turn 5: Horsehoe Crab (26 Life from whatever), Island

Turn 6: Hermetic Study, Crop Rotation, Glacial Chasm, Ping for 2

Turn 7(now invulnerable): (24 Life after upkeep) Ping for 3

Turn 8: (20 Life) Ping for 3

Turn 10: (14 Life) Ping for 3, Crop Rotation, Glacial Chasm

Turn 11: (12 Life) Ping for 3

Turn 12: (8 Life) Ping for 3

Turn 13: (2 Life) Ping for 3*

*notice that I assumed that no more land hit the table nor did any extra creatures after I went Invulnerable. This would not be the case in a real game.

                This was not a best case scenario but it wasn't the worst case either. This deck has potential and is still in the workshop but the basics are down. Crop Rotation is super powered and I expect to see a lot of abuse. I would also expect to see Glacial Chasm pop up in a rogue deck next year at the Con. Watch out!!!


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