*Standard Peasant Three Deuce (W/G/r)*


4 Lay of the Land

1 Land Grant


4 Rancor


4 River Boa

4 Soul Warden

4 Goblin Legionaire

4 Mogg Fanatic

2 Skyshroud Elite

4 Granger Guildmage

2 Mother of Runes


3 Swords to Plowshares

4 Lightning Bolt


7 Plains

8 Forest

5 Mountains


This deck comes pretty close to the traditional Three Deuce design so there aren't many surprises and not much to say. It runs heavy on the land for a Deuce deck but this land is needed because there won't be any Dual Lands hitting the table. It also runs more land search cards than normal (or I should say it runs land search) but this is for the same reason.

             The creature component will look very familiar with Goblin Legionaire, Mogg Fanatic, Skyshroud Elite, River Boa, and the Granger Guildmage as regular customers. Soul Warden is added because it's strong in this heavy creature environment and it's ability to be dropped first turn helps lower the mana curve and compensate for land issues. Mother of Runes also makes an appearance because this deck lacks creature protection and you will need to have something otherwise you will find your self coming up short all though the built in creature control will help. The Granger Guildmage could be replaced by Thornscape Apprentice. The Apprentice can control bigger creatures when they hit the board but they tend to slow you down more than the Guildmage. In the end I believe that the Guildmage is much stronger.

             Overall, I'm not sure about this deck design. Card for card it's almost the original, but with the power of burn in the Peasant Magic Environment I think it may come up short. Then again the deck list for Three Deuce looks pretty weak until you play it.


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